1 China

Dont trust this web site. Fake. Untrustworthy. False warranty statements

These people are a total fraud! They track you whilst on thier site. Talk to you online. Persuade you to buy one of their products. Then suddenly the product is out of stock. Finally arrives just outside the paypal buyer protection period of 45 days. Nice trick to avoid having refunds forced on them by paypal. My product - a mobile phone failed just 10 days after i received it. Their web site says they offer a full refund within 30 days. This is totally misleading and deceptive! They insisted that i send the phone back at my expense so they could repair it for free! Wow that's nice of them. But they never provided me with an ra or return address. And they never offered me a refund or replacement phone either even though i asked and quoted their warranty and 30 day refund policy to them. . Now they don't even reply to my emails. Other (Genuine) reviewers have complained that they never received goods they paid for and buybuyseller refused to provide then with a refund. Stay away from these guys. Don't trust them at all. And if you read any good reviews abouit you can tell that they wrote them because the reviews they wrote are very praising, unlike a genuine reviewer. Typical chinese pigeon english too. Dead give - away. Same thing applies to the reviews on thier web site about thier products. You will notice no bad product reviews. Hohum! Avoid!

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