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Li Apr 01, 2016 Miami, FL Review updated:

Buxton Hayfield LLC is a scam company that tries to extort money from individuals trying to sell property.

In May 2015, I was contacted by a representative of Buxton Hayfield who said they may be interested in purchasing my property; I said ok and received an email asking for my info and info on the property - this is what they considered an Option to Purchase "Contract". The rep said they were meeting within the next few days to discuss the properties they were interested in buying and he would be in touch.

Ten days went by without hearing from him, so I called him. He told me that the company was not interested in purchasing the property. I told him "a phone call would have been nice", he apologized. I asked if we were done, he said yes - nothing else needed to happen - THAT'S WHERE THEY GOT ME!!!

I continued on trying to sell my property and got a call from a real estate agent several months later; he did a property check and found that the CEO, Sarah Crupi, for Buxton Hayfield LLC filed an Affidavit (Sept 2015) with the county the property was in showing there was a Purchase Agreement between them and myself. It notated if anyone was interested in obtaining a PAYOFF for release, to contact [protected]

Needless to say, I was shocked. Sent an email to find out what was going on, and got a response back telling me to send a certified letter notifiying them that I wanted to cancel the Option to Purchase and they would cancel it 90 DAYS after they received the certified letter OR PAY THEM $1, 725 to release immediately - WHAAAAT!!!

I emailed back stating what happened with the representative, that Buxton Hayfield was not interested in my property and nothing else needed to be done. I also asked what the $1, 725 fee was for. I got the same response, and was NEVER given an explanation of the $1, 725. I emailed again saying this was extortion; did not get a response, but I guess extortionist don't reveal the reason behind their scams.

So, I played their little game and sent a certified letter to the address that was provided which was in Atlanta. Explain this one, Buxton Hayfield is "supposedly" located in Florida; the certified letter was sent to an Atlanta address; and last, the Affidavit that was filed in a county in Georgia was notarized by a person in Alabama.

Surprise, I received the certified letter back as "not deliverable - unable to forward". I was curious and contacted the building manager in charge of leasing office space at that address. She informed me that Buxton Hayfield had never leased space at that building and that several other people have called to locate them and were upset. I emailed Crupi informing her of the returned certified letter and what the building manager told me; she explained that even though they had moved (yeah right - how can you move if you were never there) the date on the certified letter started the 90 day period.

During this 90 day wait period, I got a buyer for my property. The closing attorney informed me that the closing could not go through until the Affidavit was released. I emailed Crupi again explaining that I had a buyer and would she release the Affidavit; of course the response was pay the $1, 725 or wait out the 90 days. I, of course, was NOT going to pay the extortion fee, but asked Crupi how to get the money to her. She did not hesitate to provide me with wiring instructions.

Thanks to the buyer who understood what was going on and waited patiently with me for the 90 days to expire.

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  • Bu
      Apr 07, 2016

    We released our signed option contract on this property at no cost as per the terms of the contract. We did not charge or receive any money off of this contract. There was no loss to the owner.
    We dealt with Lisa Mustachia's husband and his attorney during the process of releasing our option on the property. Ms Mustachia never contacted us or asked any questions.
    Several months after we had released our option Lisa Mustachia contacted us attempting to blackmail us by threatening to complain about us publicly if we did not pay her a large sum of money. In addition she threatened to leverage her contacts in the government made through her previous employment to harm us if we did not agree to pay her within 5 days. We did not respond to her attempt at financial extortion but we assume this post is her attempt to pressure us into paying her the money she demands.
    Again, there was no financial loss to Ms Mustachia or her husband. They had the right to cancel the agreement with us at any time and when they did request cancellation we released at no cost.

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