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I started my own business and needed some help with my website. I contacted the company Business Pro Designs. And they promised to provide the final work within several days. After that I paid them about $1, 200 and waited for several days. They gave me only empty promises and told to wait more, when I asked to return money, the representative from the company stopped to reply. So be careful if you use the services of this company or leave comments if you had horrible experience with them.

Feb 16, 2014
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  • Ki
      29th of Jan, 2016

    Worst service experience, bad result, wasting money and time, beware!

    I hired the Business Pro Designs aka BPD aka Business Pro Technologies aka BPT on former Elance freelancers website (currently Upwork) in August 2012 to develop mobile ecards application on Android, with web backend.
    The initial sum of deal was about $5000, that was increased by about $3000 during the development, due to some additional features I asked to add to original product requirements.
    The developer approximated the project completion time by 2-3 months, and with the additional features - for about 6 months total.  I have checked the same project estimation time with local Israeli development firms, and also have got 6 months estimation.

    The development was going fine at the first months and I began to see results. The developers started to request payments release even when the corresponding milestone wasn't completed 100%. After about 8 months most of sum was released through Elance and then I stopped getting the updates in time, and the whole service experience turned to nightmare.

    When they have got most of money, the original product manager was replaced with another one, and the development almost stopped, while I needed to beg for every little update from them. Then after number of weeks and my reminders they "throw me a bone" with some minor cosmetic update, while major features of the project left undone.

    The company's frequently assigned different developers to work on the project and every time I needed to explain basic things to new developer, and lot of bugs happen, because different people worked on the same parts of project and one destroyed what another one did.

    After 3 years of such "service", I decided to stop the project and asked them to give me source codes and let me finish the project with another provider.  They provided the codes, but in a week changed their mind and came back to me promising they will put the needed efforts in the project to complete it.

    I gave them a second chance, and in late 2015 there was some work done, and again in couple of months, their energy was over and for latest 2 months I haven't get any update, they do not answer on Skype and on email, and seems that left the project without even updating me about that.

    Bottom line:  I lost ~ $8000 and 3.5 years of my time, and now have uncompleted app, that supposed to take about 6 months.
    1. BPD works slow, doesn't fit their own time frame.
    2. BPD is money-focused company - means they do not care about customer service, but to get your money as quick as possible. And as soon as they get it, you may forget about the service.
    3. Service quality is average, due to average professionalism and misunderstanding, they do not waste time to understand what client needs, and do what they had time to quickly understand, that usually is different from what client wanted.
    4. Step forward and 2 backward: fixing some bug causes 2 another bugs, so there endless loop, that I wanted to scream.
    5. When they promise to send some update, in 90% cases it didn't happen in time, and in 10% rest cases it didn't happen at all.

    Keep FAR AWAY of that company, don't believe to their promises, certificates, portfolio and quotes - its all theater and show, you will be disappointed about the face behind the mask.

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