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Bushnell riflescopes / fraud in their sales/rebate offer

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Purchased product and had a rebate coupon for a free camo jacket offer. Followed instructions and sent in purchase invoice, upc label, filled out coupon, and sent in money for shipping and handling. Weeks later got a refund of the shipping money and a note that said that the upc label was wrong. Called their rebate center and talked to sales rep. and asked them what they meant it was wrong. It was the only upc bar coded label on the whole box. Response was we don't have it, and if I had a copy. Then it was if I had a copy of the invoice, where I purchased it from, etc.
Then I asked them "well you should have gotten all that with the s&h money because it was all in the envelope that I sent in. And the fact that you mailed it back means you recieved it. This was followed by more excuses and run around till I hung up and them. To my it is fraud. I called the dealer that I purchased it from to ask if there was any other upc label on the box. He said that the only one was on the bottom of the box. Which is the one that I sent in. To me an offer, rebate or program is just the same as warranty, or service that is promised by the manufactor. This is the same as denied warranty or service.

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      20th of May, 2008
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    I slept on the problem and wasn't going to let one person in the rebate dept. ruin my impression of Bushnell as a company. I got the phone number of the main office and called them about the situation. After talking to them about what had happen and going over the details. Like where the upc label is on the packaging. We came to the conclusion, that because this is a new product line that was introduced recently. The upc label is different from the older products and that is the reason why things happened. The Bushnell rep. at the main office, was very caring and concern, and took care of the situation. Now everything is resolved. It shows me that one person can give you the wrong impression of a company. And that you need to try other departments of the company to see the whole picture. The service I recieved when I called the main office was first rate, professional, and that is the Bushnell Company that I knew.

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      25th of May, 2010
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    I'm going through the same stuff right now, except they cashed my check and never gave me a refund. In January 2010, I noticed they cashed the check and I waited for the fleece jacket. Nothing showed. I called and got the story that the bushnell scope I bought didn't fall under the ones allowed under the rebate and they would be refunding my $15. Now, mind you, I was "smart" enough to call the number on the rebate form before I bought the scope and the company said it was an acceptable product for rebate. After approx. 30 days and not receiving my money, I called again to receive the story that my UPC barcode wasn't in the paperwork I sent. Of course, this was a lie and a different story I received the first time. Once again, I was assured I would receive a refund of my money. I called again in March after not receiving a dime and they said the check went out and since I didn't receive it they would re-process and it would take 7-10 days. In April I called again after not receiving a thing and was told that they would request for an "exception" and send me the fleece pullover. It would take up to 30 days to arrive. Well, today I called again and was told a supervisor had sent my request up and never received a reply. The customer rep said the supervisor went ahead and processed the request and I should receive my pullover within 30 days. You betcha this is FRAUD. It's called MAIL FRAUD which is a felony. After doing so research I found out the original company Bushnell had processing the rebates went out of business and the current company is called "Young America". By the way, I called the Bushnell company directly and they were not sympathetic to my cause. BUSHNELL WILL NEVER GET ANOTHER CENT OF MY MONEY.

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      10th of Jan, 2014
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    5 days out of the package the rubber rim of the objective lens started to get off, lens got a little loose and made a click sound during recoile. How can i get this issue resolved.

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      12th of Sep, 2014
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    I am a sporting goods retailer, I sell Bushnell Scopes because the bushnell scope was the first scope I ever owned back in the 1970's
    So i guess I'm partial to the brand. However in the last few years I have had a tremendous problem with Bushnell Scopes. We have had to send back a dozen or more due to missing parts (recently) improper screws that wont tighten, rattles inside, tillted crosshairs and more.
    As a dealer, I am exasperated. there's a thin margin of profit on scopes. I have to pay for the shipping ($ 18) plus $10 for the repair, thats a negative profit margin.
    I have found Bushnell is not symphathetic to the problems of their stocking dealers. I've developed a bad taste about them and soon I will discountinue retailing all Bushnell products.

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