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Buses galore are ripoffs so was dealing with Mike Vitaly . I purchased the bus thru He listed the bus as good working order and ready to go to work. The pics of it was pretty nice looking. So I took his word for it, big mistake. I flew to Philadelphia from New Orleans yeah a cool 1266 miles. He said that I can drive it to back to New Orleans no problem. I had already wired the money $5000 to him, I was just coming to get the bus drive it back home. Did the paper work checked the fluids everything was looking good fuel the bus up got on the highway got about 30 miles the engine got real loud temperature started to climb pulled the bus over checked the oil shownuff water in the oil. Now picture I'm in Philadelphia 1230 miles to go. Tried calling Mike Vitaly he wouldn't answer then he turned his phone off. I managed to get off the interstate to big store parking lot.
... Had to leave the bus. My advice to anyone dealing with buses galore or Mike Vitaly make sure you do your homework test test and I mean test drive it for an hour at least on the interstate. Because once they get your money your thru. Cost me over $6000 with two flights cabs and paper work and fuel the bus probably needs an engine or at least a rebuild and it still needs to get to New Orleans that's a couple more thousand. So it's pretty much a $6000 lost. And still no bus.

Feb 28, 2016
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  • Bg
      Mar 09, 2016

    Buyer bought vehicle at the auction as is/where is with no warranty. At the time of pick up there was nothing wrong with vehicle. Remember this vehicle sat for a year on the lot, after 30 mil vehicle started overheating as per buyer statement. He drove a total of 56 miles through city traffic which is probably cause for major engine damage, parked vehicle at shopping plaza, and flew home immediately on Saturday evening. Tried to call us on Saturday after working hours and left numerous cursing and threatening messages which is very unprofessional. Called us the next week and asked for money back and/or repair of his broken bus.

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  • Ju
      Mar 13, 2016

    Ok 56 miles then, not 30. Well first of all I was on the interstate. And as far as the as is statement, it was the deceptive measures that was done with the intent to deceive anyone who was going to buy the bus. The description says nothing about the bus sitting up for a year nothing about all the rust. It said and I quote serviced regularly and ready to go to work. I would have never flown 1266 miles from New Orleans to Philadelphia with the intent to drive the bus back to New Orleans if I had known this. Paid $4650 for a bus with a bad engine full of rust plus I had ask them how must rust was underneath the bus they said not much. But the whole bottom from the front to the back was full of rust. Out of the 1266 miles heading back to New Orleans I got 56. I had just left from by them doing the paper work it was about 30 to 40 minutes later when the bus broke down. Keep in mind I'm from New Orleans I don't know nothing about Philadelphia. I called them which I had the guy cell phone number. I called a couple times he wouldn't answer I text a few times that I had broken down on the interstate. He turned his phone off. Right then and there I knew I had been scammed. This was on a Saturday but we had been corresponding the whole day and keep in mind this is his cell phone, so now all of sudden he won't answer the phone no more. I feel like he knew that the bus had a bad engine. According to their web site they don't only sell buses but they fix buses too. That's why I think they knew the bus had a bad engine. They didn't offer to bring it to there shop and fix it. Didn't offer no type of assistance as far as fixing it or no type of refund to help with the offset of fixing the bus. I talked to them Monday they told me they was going to get it towed to this shop that they know is not expensive, all cost plus tow was completely on me.Well, when did going inside the engine become cheap. I called them back Tuesday late afternoon, they still had never got it towed. So I tried to plead my case why they should help with some of the expense. They got mad texted me I'm on my own and there canceling the tow. They wasn't trying to help from the beginning anyway. When I bought it as is I was under the impression that the bus was serviced regularly and ready to go to work. The first lie in the advertised deceptive description was, the bus was not serviced regularly it had been sitting for a year. Which I was never told. The next was ready to go to work, it only made it 56 miles after I purchased it. And last but not least is the pictures that was advertised. They never showed the defects, the rust they only showed the good pictures, if that's not trying to deceive someone then I don't know what is.

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