Burtons BridalBad service

I am writing to warn future brides to stay away from Burtons Bridal @ 426 Old Walt Whitman Road Melville, NY. My daughter purchased her wedding gown there and had an awful experience with them. Here are a few of the reasons why I felt so inclined to write this:

Sheis 5'10", when sized her for her gown we inquired about her height, Carol the Manager said they would order a size larger and the length would be sufficient. Her gown came in 3+ inches off the floor. Carol clearly saw our concern and when we commented on how short it was, she walked away and to iron a dress in the corner and ignore us. Finally we got her to come over and she tried make us believe that she did not order the wrong dress by yanking on the bottom of the dress to make it seem longer, telling her to wear flats, she even stated you dont want it longer or youll trip over it.

After realizing her many excuses were not working, she told us we could rush order a tall dress at an additional $500. We first confirmed from two local bridal shops that if a person is 5' 8" or taller a tall gown is automatically ordered, after telling her this she said she would charge only $200.00 extra. We paid the $200 out of desperation to ensure she got the dress on time.

We picked up the dress one week before the wedding and my daughter tried it on and asked how do we put the bustle up, Carol again ironing in the corner, whispered to the seamstress show her how to do one but dont do the whole thing for her. She was extremely rude and unprofessional.

When we left there was no words of good luck, sorry about the problems nothing. I strongly advise to stay away from this place.It is not worth the few hundred dollars you save to be treated this way and they do not know how to treat their customers and should not be in the bridal business.

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