Burnside Pizzeria / Unprofessional, racist behavior from the owner of the pizza place

1 Dartmouth, NS, Canada
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I wanted to share my horrible experience that I received from Burnside pizza today. I have in the past ordered pizzas from them several times, had minor issues but today was a deal breaker.

We ordered pizzas (2 large and 1 medium) at 11.30 am. and was promised delivery in 30 mins as usual. Now I know that they never deliver in 30 mins, usually it takes 45 mins at least. So I waited until an hour and gave them a callback and checked the status. The owner lady 'Joann' told me the delivery guy's debit machine was not working and so there was a delay and should be there in a few mins. But there was nobody for 15 more mins.

Now when he finally showed up after 1 hour and 16 mins after ordering I called back the owner lady and she was extremely rude to me. I reminded her we offer a lot of business to her and that's not how you treat us. I said I am not willing to pay the full price and she said pay $5 less or send back the pizzas. She even told me to 'Go back to India' which was way out of line and racist!

Jun 24, 2016

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