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Yesterday, I received my cell phone bill and saw a charge for $9.99 from "burnout 3 media inc. 32028 bible verses". Since I never signed up for anything like that nor had I received anything remotely close to this I contact my cell provider and they said since it's a third party company all they can do is block the number, so I don't get charged next month but unfortunately they cannot refund me. When they blocked that number I received an unsubscribe message from that number and a phone number was listed. I called and explained to the customer service rep, which was very unprofessional and rude on the phone, that I hadn't signed up for anything nor had I been receiving any bible verses. He went on to telling me that my phone registered at a website I supposedly had signed up for to receiving bible verses. I told him I hadn't done that and that I want my money back because I felt this was a scam. He said they don't refund because they could see my number on their website and they don't refund anything and if I hadn't received any messages from them it was not their fault. What an ###! No matter what I said to him he refused. Even after asking to speak to his supervisor or manager he put me on hold for a few seconds and then tells me that his manager is on the phone with another customer and to give me a message that they don't refund any money and since my cell phone provider already blocked their number, I would not get charged again. I told him that they must feel real good to scam people like that and when I wanted to know the website I supposedly signed up with he said they have thousands of websites where people can register for their services and they can't see where exactly I sign up at. ### is all I say. He constantly kept repeating the same thing over and over again and in the end I told him to stop reading something off his screen because he had already told me the same things before and he's not giving me a clear answer. In the end I said to him "You can't tell me I am the only customer who calls with a complaint like this" and guess what? He answered "No, we receive calls like yours at least once a week." Really? That right there screams SCAM SCAM SCAM.
After all this I checked this company out online and I happen to stumble upon similar issues with I believe the same company but under different names. The reason I am saying this is because the phone number others are listing when complaining about scams like this is the exact same number and sometimes it only changes the last digit meaning it's the same office/company doing scams with different things.
Needless to say, I lost those $9.99 and will never see them again. Even though I hadn't received ANY messages from them even confirming a membership or so called bible verses, they still refused to refund the money. Scambags. Be very careful. I will post the phone number in case others have similar issues to see that it might come from the same scam company only under a different name...[protected]

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  • An
      Nov 26, 2012

    I too have received this on my bill but have never dealt with this company. Considering I have an iPhone and all of my purchases are through the iTunes store, My cell phone provider (Sprint/Nextel) did credit the amount plus applicable taxes that this scam company charged me.

    But to anyone else who is having trouble with these scammers, you should definitely report this company to the Federal Trade Commission, as this organization oversees all business activity within the United States and helps to regulate fraud.

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  • Ea
      Dec 10, 2012

    Well guess what?? I just got the same thing ( burnout 3media 32028 Bible verses) on my phone bill! Im mad! Wth is wrong with people today?? That's a crime and it needs to be stopped!

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  • Ea
      Dec 10, 2012

    What I don't understand is.. How do they get our phone numbers and account numbers? I've never signed up for anything like that!

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  • Fi
      Dec 15, 2012

    Burnout 3 Media is a scam!! they are ripping people off for services they never provided. If you receive one of these msgs on your cell phone bill..immediately call your cell phone provider and have your cell phone provider block the number or whatever they can do so this company called Burnout 3 Media cannot steal anymore money from you. Burnout Media number is [protected]. Makes sure to report them to the BBB as well i your state..

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