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I received such terrible service on what was supposed to be the happiest day of my life.
Burnhouse Manor failed to carry out the conditions of our contract after receiving full payment before the wedding took place.
All details of the wedding were carefully arranged with the events planner within the 2 years prior to the date - but on the day they did not deliver what was promised.
My guests never received some of the foods and drinks that had been paid for, nearly all of my £300 wedding cake was wasted because they didn't serve out what I had requested.
Service during my wedding breakfast was shocking and so was the service from the staff for the whole night.
Only had a couple of inexperienced staff who were nowhere to be seen.
All overnight guests were to receive breakfast the next morning but that was a complete disaster having to wait over an hour for a breakfast when my family had to get to the airport for a flight.
There were about 25 of my family and friends - the waitress was only bringing 2 plates of food following by another long wait.
By the time I got my own breakfast, everybody else had finished.
One of my children guests got stung by a wasp - we were at the bar ringing the bell for ages but no staff were around to help my guests with anything.
One of my guests have paid for a room which sleeps 3 - but realised when she went to bed that there were only 2 beds, so had to spend the night very uncomfortably.
Some guests also mentioned to me about the uncleanliness of their rooms, this is not what you want to hear when you have brought your closest family and friends all the way from London to Ayeshire.
I chose this place because I thought the building was lovely and I thought they would have been experts on providing an amazing wedding.
I was left feeling so disappointed.
This really spoiled my wedding as these things should have been perfect.

I sent a letter to the venue, then emailed them to chase a response.
I was totally unsatisfied with the response I finally received.
Half of my questions were ignored and the rest were brushed off.
I have since contacted them several times by letter and email but they obviously don't care.
I asked whether they have their own Complains Handling Procedure or Alternitive Dispute Resolution however I have received no details of these.
I followed instruction from Citizens Advice and sent them a letter claiming for the damages that I have incurred, seeing as it is impossible for them to correct the damages now that the wedding is over - I can't do it all again.
I have had no response from this letter.
Citizens Advice are no longer able to assist me but I feel like I am entitled to received some sort of refund on some of the costs I paid to Burnhouse Manor.

May 14, 2017

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