Burgess Seed and Plant Corefusal to return my money after product was returned

I ordered plants from Burgess in January of 2017. When they did not arrive by March it became too late to plant them in the south where I live. I tried to cancel the order by phone and was told to cancel by email. I did so and was told that it would be confirmed within 24 hours. It wasn't. I wrote again. No reply. A month later I receive the plants. I return the package unopened to the post office and the postmaster said he would take care of it. He did not give me a confirmation slip. Burgess said they never received the package and I am out $82.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Bloomington, ILMy credit card company told me that they could not do anything without the return confirmation slip. I am requesting a refund. Below is the letter from my credit card company. The plant company gave me a refund of $5. 99 for the plant that was never sent.
May 11, 2017
customer # c/[protected]
Account number ending in: 0040
Case number: [protected]
Carol A Merkel:
We completed our investigation of the $81.44 disputed charge(s) from BURGESS ROYAL
What you need to know
The merchant(s) issued partial credit(s) to your account for $5.99. The adjustment(s) appeared
on your monthly statement(s).

May 12, 2017

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