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Burger King / where has quality gone

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For about 19 years now, I have been going to fast food places. As far back as I can remember, I have eaten fast food. Ive been through the worst of it, and I have been there for the best of it. Through all the changes each company makes, things they add on, things they take away, and never in my life, have I felt more violated by a company than I have with my ex- favorite fast food.

I think I was about 12 when I made my first conscious descision on which fast food place was my favorite. I chose Burger King. I loved the flame broiled burgers. I loved their new fries, I loved how everything was delicious and fresh. At the time, I lived in Illinois, so not every town got to enjoy a BK. Eating there was a rarity for me, and one of my many pleasures.

Skip forward 8 years - I move out to California on my own, to orange county. Orange county is one of the nicest places in the United States, and to my surprise, has some of the WORST Burger King I have ever seen. I get more water in my mouth from biting into a microwaved burger king burger, than I do drinking a cup of water. At first, I just thought it was this one Burger King on Jamboree. My friends had said they had terrible workers, so I just kind of brushed it off, and went along with my day, still boasting that Burger King was my favorite fast food restraunt, and that this one had seen better days.

Skip a little bit more forward: I've landed a new job on the other side of Tustin. Red Hill. The burgers only get more and more wet. Strange. I seemed to love the "char broiled" taste, but now I just have soggy meat. I figured, must just be because I'm ordering off the dollar menu. OK then, I'll fork out 6 dollars for a REAL burger. After a minute the guy hands me an incredibly small bag containing my 6 dollar burger and fries. (the double stacker medium, no cheese) I look inside, and I can't believe it. This burger is the exact same size as a dollar one. Where did all of my extra money go? Was it to the paper thin bacon about 1 inch large streched out onto the patty? Was it this forein yellow sludge caked into the meat? Well it definitely wasnt for these 2.5 inch WIDE patties... I havent felt this ripped off in a while. I sat there in my car looking down at this burger that wasnt even the size of my palm, (and don't get the wrong idea, I'm a skinny kid.) and I was furious. I didnt know whether to ask for a refund, if they could just exchange this burger and fries for 3 of the dollar burgers... or what to do. All I knew was instead of getting more for 6 dollars, I got a dollar burger, and some cold fries.

Burger King... I take back everything I have told people about you in the past. You are terrible. Never again will I waste my money on you until you do the right thing and start making hamburgers right. I do admit, I havent seen any "Char broiled" slogans lately. At least its good your not lying. Just remember you boast to be the King of Burgers... How about actually following through with that?

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  • Mi
      12th of Oct, 2010
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    that 6 dollar sandwhich is the same as the dollar one because it is except for the bacon you can order that same sandwhich as a double cheese burger with only bacon and stacker sauce and its cheaper, and if you really want to makw sure your fries are frsh just order them no salt and put in on yourself and that way there always fresh, you just have to be smart about the way you order

  • Se
      12th of Oct, 2010
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    I just ordered a whopper w/ cheese at lunch today, and noticed that it didn't have the char broiled taste. I opened the bun and looked and there were no char lines on the burger. It looked like a microwaved burger. Not even any grill marks. It looked pathetic.
    Upon searching to see if they had changed the way they cook, I came across your complaint and I fully agree.
    Why can't they just stay consistent.

  • Ch
      28th of Oct, 2010
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    Burger King changed their broilers about 2 years ago. They no longer cook over the open flame. They put them in set a timer and they fall out into a pan. Then they go into a warmer and set until sold. Then the meat and bottom bun gets microwaved with the cheese. They use the duke system like McDonalds does. They need to stick with their format and not copy Mcdonalds.

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