Burger King / service

Hello. I just want to address the issue i have with our fairly new burger king here in indianola, ms. Evidentally they haven't figured out why they have 2 drive thru windows yet. Once you place your order and pull to the first window to pay they do not allow you to pull forward to the second window but instead want you to wait at that first window until your food is ready... Therefore holding up the line even more. The girl disappeared with my debit card and went to the other window where after some time, they open the outside door to motion and holler for you to finally pull up to pickup your food. This is not how its supposed to work!!! this is very aggravating and i really hate going to our burger king because of the way the drive thru operates!!! this needs to be corrected!!!

my other complaint today is my crossan'wich barely had anything in it!!! 1 piece of bacon and 1/3 of an egg. Pretty sad excuse for breakfast today!!!

Nov 22, 2017

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