Burger King / pubic hair in my fries, no refund!!

NY, United States Review updated:

after spending 10+ minutes at the BK drive thru speaker finally someone took my order . I wish I had just driven away! But I was hungry and my lunch break is only 30 min and I did not have time to choose another restaurant. Anyways I got the tendercrisp combo as usual, paid and drove off then back at my desk after consuming my sandwich and fries i discovered two pubic hairs at the bottom of the fry container. Needless to say I became distraught and after washing my mouth out with soap (gross what if i had swallowed one without noticing or something) I left sick for the day and went back to Burger King to confront the manager with the discovery. The manager (Abdul) was very rude and even when presented with the evidence would only offer me a replacement of the fries. Screw that I wanted my money back and I told him so. But he refused and what am I gon na do, call 911 like some people do over fast food?

So please if you eat agt Burger King check your fries for pubic hairs and do not eat there if there is an Indian manager as they do not understand how to provide even the most basic level of customer service and food cleanliness. I was treated as if i was beneath him for complaining about something so "Trivial"??????

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  • Te
      Apr 14, 2009

    I understand that you had a problem, where you waited too long for your food and you found hair in it when you got it. We all found hairs in our food, but we are talking about Burger king and you're getting upset, just find another place to eat and move on, I'm sure they aren't losing much if you're changing your food options. On the other hand, there is no room for racist comments, not positive for your or the public.

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  •   Apr 15, 2009

    Are you a pubic hair expert? Maybe it was from a jheri curl.

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  •   Apr 15, 2009

    did it taste like soul glo? if so it was a jeri curl. if not, then it was probably abdul's ballfro hair.

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