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I was was a manager for BCR for several years and there structure is set up to call as many consumers as possible as many times a day as possible. Not only do they harass the consumer but they report false payments to there clients.They do this to collect money from there clients before that money has been truly collected. If you are getting calls for BCR please contact my company and we will sue them on your behalf for free. 800 [protected]. This is not a scam. I am unwilling to allow BCR to continue to bully and harass the everyday consumer. There clients need to know what they are doing and consumers need to hit them where it hurts and that is in the pocket book. Let me help you.


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  • Ve
      Dec 30, 2010

    BCR - never heard of them but have started receiving calls from them. I was, for several yrs., behind on different payts. All the bills are paid either in full or thru a pay't. reduction plan. Most of the complaints I've seen are from Cingular (former cell co.). I paid that bill (not thru BCR) in 2/2008. Every creditor I had, when the bill was paid in full, I requested and received a letter saying that the bill was paid in full. At that point, I would shred all old bills, keep the last bill, letter & copy of my check. I did have a couple from Eden Prairie but I can't remember the name of the company (wasn't BCR). I received a call from BCR on Monday, 12/27/10 but wasn't around to answer. 12/28, I received a call at 8:40 PM from [protected] with a sub # of [protected].
    Today, 12/29/10 - 8:03 AM - RI [protected], 3:03 PM - RI [protected], 7:04 PM - [protected] with a sub # of [protected]. I'm from RI but didn't recognize the number. I called them a short time ago, they answered as BCR, asked for my phone # which I gave, asked me if I was 2 different people. Told them NO - they "said" they would take my # off. We'll see. I don't call 800 #s since my number will show up at their end. I'm on the Do Not Call and pay Verizon $4.95 a month for non-pub service. I am tired - all my delinquent bills are paid, my # is non-pub & why should I have to provide proof to them that they are?
    The only bills I have (rent, utilities) are paid on time, I've cut up credit cards & work with cash only. I'm tired - this is harassment & I know it's not going to stop nor do I know how to stop it.

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  • Be
      Feb 09, 2011

    someone called me today from BCR saying I had a debt with them in the amount of $3, 000. I told them to send me something in writing of the breakdown of charges and for what.

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  • Co
      Feb 03, 2013

    they just hit my credit report and brought it down 60 points im piss...and i dont owe no one

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