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Bullseye Indoor Shooting Range And Firearms Store / Loose cannons

1 221 W. Crogran St.Lawrenceville, GA, United States Review updated:
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On February 8, 2008 Randy Powell owner of Bullseye Indoor Range & Gun Shop in Lawrenceville, Georgia contacted our office for service. Mr. Powell was quoted $250 for two areas each 2000 square ft. of carpet to be cleaned. The store downstairs and offices upstairs. On February 13, 2008 the technician met with the son Jeremy. When the technician asked the son to take a walk through of the areas to be cleaned he became irritated and told him to just clean and began using profanity. The technician requested a signature after advising the son of the total amount of the service. He then contacted his father by phone and handed the phone to the technician. He began yelling at the technician referring to him as "Bubba" who name is Michael and is also African-American. As the technician attempted to explain or resolve the matter, Mr. Powell stated â"If you charge my card, I"m going to put you out of business!" Mr. Powell's card was charged $50.00 for a minimum service fee in agreement with our service policy.Soon afterwards we started getting unusual phone calls and the slanderous internet postings appeared.

The following is an actual posting:

[ TERRIBLE SERVICE!!! We called made an appointment and told them the sq. footage of our building and they quoted us $250. When the guy showed up(the owners brother, Michael Washington) he was complete ### from the beginning and the told us that it was going to be $500, twice the price that they quoted us on the phone. Obviously we told them that we weren't interested and then they charged our credit card $275 for what they call a missed appointment. Well yea, who is going to schedule an appointment with a scam artest like this. Believe me when I tell you, DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE, THIS COMPANY OR ANYONE DEALING WITH MICHAEL WASHINGTON IS A SCAM!!!]

Done in retaliation this is the actual defamatory statement that was posted online and in violation of Yahoo's guidelines.

This also a violation of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 (a common name for Title V of the Telecommunications Act of 1996)

Tortious interference with business relationships occurs where the tortfeasor acts to prevent the plaintiff from successfully establishing or maintaining business relationships.

We hope that this information is helpful to anyone that may want to do business with these people. You would think that a federally licensed firearms dealer would be held to a higher standard rather than take on the behavior of a common thug.

I would advise anyone who is doing business with these guys to beware of "Loose Cannons"

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  • Le
      21st of Sep, 2009
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    This has to be a person with another axe to grind.

    I've been doing business with Randy(owner) since 1995. Not once have I been treated like anything other than a valued customer. I'm an avid shooter, and I can tell you with confidence that they know their stuff. He started with only pistol ranges, we asked for rifle ranges, and when he expanded we got them. Their hours are longer than any gun range I've ever seen (range open to 9:30pm nightly). Their inventory is strong, especially in this economy, Example: a friend that lives farther away asked me to stop by on my way home from work last week and see if he has any "Judges" (.45 colt/.410 shotshell). I was amazed to see that he had SIX new Judges on display.

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff
    Excellent inventory and selection
    Very reasonable range prices
    Best gun prices anywhere around here

    Parking. The place is usually slam full of folks and getting a spot can be a little inconvenient.

  • Rc
      24th of Sep, 2009
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    WOW! I didn't know there was a website where business owners could complain about their customers!?!? Why didn't I think of that? Oh wait, that's not the intended purpose of this website. Complaints about customers should stay within the walls of the business. I personally don't care how Randy or Jeremy act as customers, as long as they act respectful to their customers, which they do. It's sad that this complaint was allowed to be posted and I hope it doesn't affect Bullseye's business. I'm sure anyone who reads this complaint will have enough common sense to realize it's not a reflection of Bullseye's customer service. Also, I agree with everything "Lead Slinger" said above.

  • Mr
      9th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I disagree with the comments stated above about Bullseye. I have been going to Bullseye for 20 years and always had friendly helpful service. The staff is knowledgable and always willing to lend a helping hand. I just went this week and Tara was very nice. I recommend you give them a try and judge Bulleyes facilities and service for yourself and not rely on a carpet companies comments.

  • Ji
      13th of Oct, 2009
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    I am retired Military and a very avid hunter so I deal a lot with weapons dealers and shooting ranges. Bull's Eye shooting range has proven to be high on customer service and sharing of technical information. The Ranges are always in good shape and controlled so as to provide a relaxed and professional shooting experience. The store section is always friendly even when I'm not in the best of sprits. Counter professionals such as Tara are always quick to help and get you the answers to your questions without making you feel like you are wasting their time. I am a loyal customer for life. I have never ever seen any indication of the problems this guy is claiming. It does catch me as odd that there is no information that can be used to validate his claim. Personally I would not consider his unsupported claims to be true.

  • An
      15th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I use Bull's Eye on a weekly basis for target shooting and have never seen anyone who works there act in any way but polite and friendly toward customers. There is a wide variety of customer base and I've seen nothing but professionalism toward people who come into the shop.

    I wasn't there when the incident mentioned above occurred, but it seems out of character for the employees that I see on a weekly basis.

  • Ro
      16th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have dealt with Bullseye for over 15 years, I visit the store at least 3 times a week . They always have the hard to find used guns I look for at the lowest price I have found anywhere.I really enjoy dealing with the staff they are very knowledgable about the items I purchase. Even when they are busy they always have time for any customers comments or questions.

  • Kn
      1st of Jul, 2010
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    I buy at bulls eye I been going for years he has all ways given me good service. heck randy even gos to the same church I go to every sundy. I don't even belive any of that bull I just red on the net some people get jelous isay belive none of what you hear and half of what you see. the heck with all that gossip it tells you in the bible not to do that. remember the one you go out to hurt might end up being yourself. Randy powell is an upstanding guy hes allways been good to my friends and I, as long I have known him.!

  • Kn
      1st of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    very good.

  • Am
      30th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    The ower and his son are rude and arrogant. They get away with this because they have the only shooting range in the area.


  • Co
      4th of Jul, 2011
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  • St
      21st of Jan, 2015
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    My wife and I visited Bulls Eye Jan 20, 2015 for the first time. I taught my wife how to shoot my 44 Magnum and .380 caliber handguns. For the most part, we enjoyed our time and everything went off without a hitch… until it was check-out time.

    We purchased two boxes of ammo, two targets and stayed about an hour. The total came to $66 but that’s not my issue. As the cashier rang us up, he told me that I could place the store’s PPE on top of the counter. I told him that we didn’t use the store’s PPE. He then replied in a very condescending and rude intonation, “That’s not what it says here (pointing to the ticket)”. He then removed my photo ID from the clipboard, placed it in front of me, tapped it a couple of times with his finger and arrogantly said, ”that’s you, isn’t it?”
    I walked over to my bag, pulled out my hearing and eye protection and placed it on the counter in front of him. He looked at my gear, then looked back down at the ticket and mumbled under his breath that someone made a “mistake”. A more appropriate and professional response would have been to give me the courtesy of at least peripheral eye contact and a halfhearted attempt at an apology [sarcasm]. Consequently, we left Bulls Eye feeling insulted; as if our patronage wasn’t appreciated. It was that moment we decided never to return.
    Maybe he had a bad day at work, thought I was trying to steal from the store, suffered from a deficiency in discretion, has poor customer service skills or maybe he took issue with my being Black or the fact that my wife is Asian. The truth is, I really don’t care because none of the aforementioned reasons justified his churlish behavior. Maybe if he knew how to “read” a military ID or use a little common sense, he wouldn’t have rushed to judgment or been half his rude if he understood the meaning of the blue card that said, “U.S. Army Retired, INDEF, CPT/03” or at least processed that the 44 Magnum I owned cost me $900 and the .380 ACP with laser, another $400 because all he’d have to do at that point is ask himself, “Does he fit the profile of someone who’d STEAL $20 worth of PPE”?

    I’m willing to bet that most of you who’ve had “good experiences” with Bulls Eye, probably don’t “look like us”… do you? I got BETTER service at Mission Essentials in Hineseville, GA! Regardless, I won’t return. Now, this is where you all tell me what a crybaby I am and come their defense:))…

  • St
      25th of Jan, 2015
    0 Votes

    This is an addendum to my post on Jan 21, 2015 regarding a bad experience I had at Bulls Eye. Since that post, the owner of Bulls Eye said in an email to me that he’d look into what happened to us that night. He did and once he confirmed that the events were as i described, he apologized and offered us a free range day if we'd return. He added that he didn't condone such behavior and have had to terminate employees in the past for similar treatment of their customers. He seemed sincere so I said I'd retract my online rants or post a follow-up where I can't. At the time, I was pissed off that I peacefully fought for my country but I was treated like feces when I went to shoot a local gun range. Fortunately, the owner didn't share the sentiments of the unprofessional employee. So if you go to Bulls Eye Gun Range in Lawrenceville, GA, have a good time. I want to think I took one for the team even if he just had it out for me... It is a really nice store (I've been to many). I don't know what that employee's problem was and I really don't care because I won't return unless he's fired. It just pisses me off that I now drive to another city out of the way, just to shoot my wife - oooops, I meant shoot WITH my wife - LOL!

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