Bullhead City Police / Residents Bullying and Harassing in Bullhead City and Law Enforcement doing nothing about it

Me and my family have been harassed and bullied by our neighborhood kids and the parents Malibu Circle South and Malibu Dr., Rotary park, Riverfront Dr., and surrounding areas. These children have came over to my house and vandalized my house, stolen stereos out of cars on my property, injured my children, and ganged up on them in groups. They are bullying my children at school. We have gone to the schools on several occasion, and the school does nothing about it.

We have also contacted the police department on several occasions about these situations, and they do nothing about it. Half the time the officers are rude vulgar. It seems like they do not want to do there jobs correctly.

August 23 my quad was stolen from my property in the middle of the day, and not one neighbor said that they had seen anything. We called the police and reported it stolen, and they still have not done anything as far as to finding the people whole stole it. The quad was stolen a day after a incident had happened at Rotary park, and at my house. The parents have been confronted on several occasions about there childrens behavior, and they just brush it off like its nothing.

The children in the neighborhood block roadways so traffic can not make it through without having to stop. My children have to walk different ways just to go to a friends house to keep from being jumped by these children. They still have a chance of being jumped by these children. Its unfair that we cant even go the shortest way wherever we want to go, and that we have to the long way instead. It almost seems that we cant even go out the front door without being harassed.

I feel this is unfair to use as parents and to my family that we live in a community that is Unlawful in every way and full of Disrespectful people and are so full of hate that they prey on like us for no good reason. Even on other incidents the Adults of these Children have permitted and allowed assaults on my children I and My wife just want this to stop and something be done on this matter. I even would like to start a petition To shut down the skate park from all kids with out adults supervision . The Police has told me and our family to not let our kids up there with out adults supervision . But when we do what the police tell us were still harassed bye this group of teen and pre-teens.


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