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Bulldog Ravine / Selling unhealthy puppies!

1 PA, United States Review updated:

I HAVE to agree with everything that has been stated about the ###s at Bulldog Ravine, I also bought a puppy from what I thought was a reputable breeder, and the sad thing is, I did the research. I spoke to them several times and thought I asked the right questions, no, wait a minute, I did ask all the right questions, but unfortunately, scammers ALWAYS know how to beat the system. Like many other complaints, when I received my Bonnie Girl, she also had a cold that eventually turned into pneumonia, which ended up being a re-occurring problem. She had a SEVERELY malformed spine that prevented her from jumping and having a normal life, and also had a severe elongated pallet, which ultimately took her life after only a year and a half. There is not 1 day that goes by that I don't long for her and miss her like crazy! Although, I would do it all over again to receive all the wonderful memories that she left me with, I would caution anyone that would think about purchasing from them. The last thing I heard about them was that they were banned for life from the AKC and I believe there was to be an investigation, but could have misunderstood that part. PLEASE BEWARE!

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  • Bu
      2nd of Jan, 2009
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    I am a bit surprised to read the negative feedback on BULLDOG RAVINE in Pine Grove PA. I too have purchased a Bulldog...Lily... a few years back from them, and I feel now with what I read that I got lucky. I passed their info on to a few friends who also had purchased bulldogs in the couple years following my purchase of Lily and of the 3 other dogs all are healthy and active. One surprise I did get though as I too was promised the registration papers mailed out, when they arrived, Lilies birthday was incorrect and being some kind of Russian Bulldog association was a surprise as that was never mentioned. But I had purchased her for the pet quality rather than to breed so I just passed it off. I feel sad for those of you who have had bad experiences from this breeder as I cannot begin to imagine having to deal with a unhealthy pet let alone loosing a friend . I am a firm believer that people and pets come into our lives for a reason. It may not be clear now, but for some reason or another those little angels came into your life and added to make you who you are today...wheather it be just a brief stay or a lifetime companion. My condolences for those that have been lost and to those who are ailing.

  • Br
      13th of Feb, 2009
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    Everyone who has purchased a dog from Bulldog Ravine, please contact me - - as I am gathering information to present a legal case against the Moncrieffs.


  • Vm
      15th of Mar, 2009
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    WOW I feel your pain.. my boy Ozzy cant be off antibiotics or steroids or his massive ear infections, skin issues, come back.. I paid $2800 for my boy in 2007 he was real little for his age when I got him he was fine until he reached about 6 months old then the ear infections and skin issues happened and he has had to visit the vet every 2 months since I got him and I have now paid over $5000 in vet so far and counting.. his meds are always over $100.00 not including the vet visit.. times are hard now and I cant afford this anymore.. I hate to give him up but may have too because of the cost of keeping him (normal) no means is he healthy he sleeps 24-7 unless he is going out for a potty break.. his back is bald now due to skin issues and he has a abnormal sway to his back.. he looks like a big brown bear.. not a bulldog.. constant steriods is making his fat he is over 85 lbs now have cut his kibble as per vet but doesnt make a diffrence in his weight.. I hate these breeders BULLDOG RAVINE.. they were rude when I called to inquire about Ozzys issues they said they sold me a QUALITY DOG..THEY LIE.. I own anther bully Abby got her from a reputial breeder she just turned 3 and she has only been to the vet for well dog visits.. she is AKC papered and a beautiful girl..I SEE THE DIFFRENCE IN A HEALTY DOG AND A UNHEALTHY DOG OZZY IS A YEAR YOUNGER.. I hope Bulldog ravine pays with everything they got.. those kinda people and breeders need to be stopped and have to pay for what they created in hundreds of familys suffering like ours... I had Ozzy fixed thinking that would help.. but no.. he has had surgery for elongated pallett too...

  • Ma
      15th of Feb, 2016
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    I had purchased Stallone from Bulldog ravine in 2007. Back then I wasn't aware of puppy Mills but they seemed like a good quality breeder. I did find it odd they wanted 200 extra for the papers but I didn't feel the need to want them as I was just looking for a best friend. I had also noticed that Stallone had a tattoo P4 on his inner leg which I thought they did. Until a few years later I go to check their website and I see all these complaints and they've been shut down. Then I realized the tattoo was to tell which puppy he was. Well for the most part I have been lucky but when I took him home he had giardia and cocidia. I called and talked to Brenda and she reimbursed me for that bill. He had an outtie bellybutton which he needed surgery and cherry eye. He has dermatitis on and off and ear infections but he's happy healthy and will be 9 in August (if that's his real birthday) and I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world!

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