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Bulldog Ravine / Selling sick puppies!

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We purchased one of the beautiful puppies (Crystal) that we saw on an email just like the one below that we all received. The day after we picked up our puppy we noticed it had a severe cough, and took it to the vet for a check up. We were told by the vet that she had a serious upper respiratory infection that turned into pneumonia. When we contacted Bulldog Ravine to tell them that the dog was sick and to see if they would help with the vet bills ($1500.00 to date and the infection is still not cured) they refused and said they don’t cover that in their “contract”. They have tried to bully (no pun intended) us into accepting their terms (they have offered $400.00) and keep referring to their “contract”, which we have been informed by our counsel is as good as the paper it is written on since it contradicts the law.

When we asked for the registration papers for our puppy, the breeder is saying that the puppy cannot be registered and that it was sold as a “pet”. We were never told that it couldn’t be registered and in fact they told us that we should receive the papers in about 60 days when we picked her up.

To make a long story short Lola now a year and 8 months has a list of genetic defects and I have spent over $5000.00 for her medical care. Lola (Crystal) has a elongated pallet, her patella (knee pops out of place) inverted eye lashes, cherry eye and a list of skin issues. We are not the only victims of this so called breeder, I have investigated and fought tooth and nail for Lola (Crystal) and what I believe in and I have found 4 other victims of this breeder! I know that there is so much more puppies that are sick that this breeder has sold and I will not stop until they stop selling these sick puppies!!!

We just want to warn anyone that is thinking of purchasing a bulldog from any breeder to do their homework and get educated on the process of purchasing a puppy and what to look for in a reputable breeder. If we would have read everything we have read in the past year before making our purchase we would have never purchased from this breeder. We love our puppy very much and have suffered seeing her be so sick and we just want to make sure no one else suffers so much.

If anyone needs any information or links to where we found our info please feel free to contact us.

Mattie Rodriguez

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  • Ni
      11th of Nov, 2007
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    I agree that bulldog ravine may be selling sick puppies. We have a beautiful bullie, Shanaynay, and brought her home sick with a respiratory infection. Bulldog ravine did nothing to help us with the vet bills but to blame us for her sickness in the transportation. Even though we picked her up with a snotty nose, the said she caught a cold and that was all she had. Meanwhile the vet indicated it differently. I was so impressed by with them prior to the purchase but, once I picked Shanynay up, they wanted nothing more to do with us.

    This was poor customer service.

  • Je
      1st of Dec, 2007
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  • Pa
      28th of Dec, 2007
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    I bought a French Bulldog 2 years ago from this breeder. I often wonder why they stopped selling the French Bulldog breed since then. My dog had kennel cough when I purchased him, but otherwise he is in excellent health and I have had no problems at all.

  • Co
      24th of Apr, 2008
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    The night before my husband and I picked up Tootsie (now Lola) Brenda of Bulldog Ravine called to tell us she had cherry eye. She gave us $200 to cover the cost but it ended up costing a lot more. Lola is currently in the process of having X-rays done because the vet suspects she has hip displasia. I found it very odd that we were not invited to see the rest of the litter when we picked up Lola and Brenda to this day has not replied when I ask to see pictures of Lola's parents. According to their website, Bulldog Ravine is a reputable breeder approved by the AKC. It turns out they are nothing but a puppy mill and should be ashamed of themselves!

  • Co
      24th of Apr, 2008
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    I thought they were shut down by the AKC so why are they still selling puppies?!

  • Sh
      8th of Jul, 2008
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    I bought a bulldog (Caroline then Libby now) from Bulldog Ravine last year (June 2007) and 2 days after she was home with us she developed severe diarrhea and vomiting. She had to be hospitalized for a day, she was severly dehydrated, and was diagnosed with Coccidia. The VET bill was over $700. We called Brenda and she was very short and rude. She said puppies are infected with coccidia from their mothers. She told us that we should have read the website prior to purchasing the puppy. She would not help us in any way. Today, thankfully, Libby is healthy and doing well. She does have minor trouble with subluxation of her patella, staph infections of her chin that have required treatment and hyperplastic trachea ALL per the VET.

  • Al
      14th of Jul, 2008
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    I completely agree with everything everyone has said. I got my puppy from Bulldog Ravine October 4th, 2007. When I brought her home, Evan told me she had Coccidia and was being treated for it. The contract I was given had another puppy's information on it, they just crossed out all the incorrect information and replaced it with information for my puppy. My puppy has had cherry eye and her vet says she has or will have hip displasia. After paying for our puppy, we asked about the registration and was referred to the "contract". I speciifically asked about AKC registry and was told that my puppy wasnt' registered with AKC, she was registered with APR! When asked wht APR was, I was told there are 200 registries available and APR was one of them.

    Although I have a healthy puppy now, I wished I had done better research on Bulldog Ravine before I purchased my dog.

  • Mr
      15th of Aug, 2008
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    I feel horrible for all of you. I know they didn't always sell dogs like that. I bet from 2006 and on, they got too big for themselves and to keep up with the demand they started selling what they got.

    My husband and I purchased a Bully from Brenda and Evan in 2005 and we got all the help and information we needed including registration papers. The only thing that my dog had as far as illness was cherry eye in both eyes which is very common in Bulldogs- i know many bulldogs and all had it. And he had a skin allergy which also is very common in Bulldogs.

    My heart goes out to all of you..

  • Br
      17th of Aug, 2008
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    I as well purchased a puppy, its litter name was "Sarge"... to make a long story short. Sarge had a severe heart murmur to where the vet I took him to wanted to contact the breeder because it was preposterous that this type of heart murmur can be missed before the puppy is given to a new owner. I was allowed to obtain a replacement puppy after several phone calls, however the price differential between each pup I never recieved back and my "repacement" puppy has has several skin infections and cherry eye. When I asked for papers I was given the same song and dance about my dog being a "pet" and that they could not provide papers. I consider myself lucky reading some of the stories but I hope to God that no one recieved "Sarge" as a new pet after the grim diagnosis. I've tried a few times through email to get an update on "Sarge" and never heard anything back... please contact me with any questions.

  • Bl
      22nd of Aug, 2008
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    I bought an English Bulldog from Bulldog Ravine, too. She developed demodectic mange, which all the information on the websites say is an immune disorder and is genetic. Bulldogs that exhibit demodectic mange and their parents should not be bred. I had a discussion with Brenda about genetics and she swore that it wasn't the parents, but the grandparents of my dog. I don't think she understands how breeding actually works. She wouldn't help with any of the vet bills and left the only option at bringing the dog back for another puppy. Their customer service after receiving payment is horrible.
    Our dog also has displaced patellas and had to have surgery to correct an inverted eyelid. I understand that these are issues with the breed and you have to accept the responsibility for buying a breed that can have special needs, like a bulldog.
    What was disappointing was Bulldog Ravines utter lack of concern about their breeding program and the refusal to acknowledge that they may have breed dogs that contributed to my puppy's demodectic mange.
    With all that said, my dog is now healthy and is a sweetheart. Because she's such a great dog, I don't know if I can say you should stay way from Bulldog Ravine. But, if you buy from Bulldog Ravine, be prepared to spend an additional $1000 to $2000 over the normal checkup and shot fees in vet bills in the first two years and don't kid yourself that you're going to be getting a show dog.

  • Ma
      31st of Aug, 2008
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    If you are a victim of Brenda and EvanMoncrieff please email

  • Da
      12th of Sep, 2008
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    I''ve read all the complaints and comments, but I have to say - my experience was different. I brought home a gorgeous bully pup. She had a few allergic skin issues in the beginning, but outgrew those quickly and (knock wood) I haven't had any dramatic health issues since. She's unbelievably good with kids, and makes good companionship.

    My one complaint with Bulldog Ravine is the matter of registration papers.

    I can't help but sympathize with those who were sold sick puppies. I'd be furious myself, and I don't discount those stories. I'm just conveying my own very good experience.

  • Ba
      18th of Sep, 2008
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    I bought a bulldog puppy from Bulldog Ravine in Feb 2007. She has had severe arthritis in her left shoulder since about the age of 6 months. She has also has the curious habit of grabbing a morsel of food from her dish and running into the next room to eat it (this in spit of the fact that she weighs 60 lbs., is the alpha dog in the house--the other two dogs weigh 6 lbs and 15 lbs.) In addition she is a tall and long bulldog and her face looks like a cross between a boxer and an English bulldog. She is very hyper for a bulldog. She digs, chews, jumps on people, and barks at everything. We love her but she is a challenge to live with. It is very obvious that she is poorly bred. She is nothing like the bred standard for temerament or appearance.

  • Ro
      11th of Nov, 2008
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    Same thing, I purchase my Female English Bulldog from them April 06' . She had pnemonia, and spent a week in the ic unit. Very expensive! She limps after a long walk, barks alot, and is agressive. These people need to be punished, is there anything we can all do? please let me know

  • Do
      18th of Jan, 2009
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    In November of 2005, I purchased 2 French Bulldogs Arnold and Julie from Brenda and Evan Moncrieff. Brenda assured me that they were both FCI and would be easily transferable to AKC. She also told me that it could take 3-6 months for the paperwork to get to me .
    After 9 months of no paper work on the dogs I had nerve enought to ask for it. Now I can see why she was so testy. I was not the only thorn in her side.
    On the cream female, they sent FCI papers to tranfer her to AKC. That was fine except by that time she has prolapsed her rectum for the 7th time.
    On Arnold they sent me a 3 generation pedigree, in Russian, on A DOG. AKC confirmed that the American Champions in the background are indeed English Bulldogs. Arnold is a red/white male that has only a English Bulldog paper pedigree.
    Needless to say Brenda treated me as she did all of the rest of you.
    I called and asked a police officer to check them out, he was told that they have no controll of the papers that they are between the Russian breeder and the buyer and the breeders sends them to the buyer. I guess the Russian breeder uses their return address(joke).
    Since those dogs could never be bred, I purchased some from a reputable breeder and now I am producing sound beautiful AKC French Bulldogs.
    I just thought I would remind anyone reading this that Brenda has a brother that also lives in PA that breeds French Bulldogs. I also have extra time on my hands and would love to go after those people with a lawsuit. Anyone want to get on board? My name is Donna Roberts and you can email me at

  • Do
      2nd of Jul, 2018
    +1 Votes

    @Donna Roberts You have the gall to complain? Your the prime example of a bad breeder. Your friends won't even buy your dogs. Because you sell sick dogs. And here it is 10 years later and your still selling sick dogs, Donna Roberts. And your really good at it. Plenty of practice. And you use the same bully tactics that "you will stop at no cost" to sue people. And you think you are above the law, committed fraud by submitting an altered contract on a complaint. Shame on you. And you continue to breed your dog with genetic diseases. Greedy. You have 45 intact dogs locked in a 12' X 24' kennel that never see daylight. One dog is so delusional he sits in his dirty water tub all day. And you post it "Like oh how cute". Your pups are all held by the neck by the cleanest dirty door for their mugshots. They are covered in feces. You put perfume on Bijou NKA: Tori when I can to see her. I know what dog I bought. You should too. But you dont. They all appear listless or angry. My Bijou NKA: Tori, when I got her was so fearful of any noise or human, I suspected she had been abused. I still do and you better hope your friends that you say are talking to me, dont talk too much. You admitted selling 2 pups prior with shunts. Then you pretend you've never hear of it. And it goes on and on. I have 2 more clients of yours unhappy with Parvo and Kennel Cough and being bullied. Walk your dogs 1 hr per day, it's the law. You refuse to allow anyone into your kennel, including fellow breeders. You butcher your own pups by cutting costs and never taking them to a vet. You broke a tooth off in my dogs mouth, and just left it there. Between the liver shunt and the tooth she wouldn't eat. And you blamed it on mud puddle water. And gave me a syringe of muddy blood red goop to feed her claiming she will be fine. I didnt give it to her, and she will never be fine. DEFINATELY not by taking more drugs into her liver she cant process. You remember which dog I bought, Sweet Bijou NKA: Tori. Not Hannah. I dont know anything about Hannah. What really happened to Hannah? Bijou NKA: Tori you named after your friends dog. You must have been so disappointed that she wasnt a money magnet. Didnt sell. Or maybe she did and someone brought her back for another one cause she was sick, and that was why you didnt have the correct vaccination index card, written in pencil with over 1/2 of the tabs from the bottle missing. Even when you know they are sick you wait until the contract is signed and the cash is stashed before you start telling me all that's wrong with her. All that I had to pay to fix. And now you sit on your a-- lying, bullying and intimidating and point the finger when you have no proof and cant even read the proof I am providing you. Instead your playing with a copy machine duping up documents to fill your delusional mind. You must be so proud. You're 66 years old, making over $200K a year, or more by abusing dogs and cheating on your taxes. Did I ever mention what my career was, no. I dont think I did. You were too busy running your mouth to cover your... You bragged it up to try to sell that million dollar house that your dogs have never seen. But you include them in the sale like old furniture. You did a chop job on a 3.5 lb dog. Ya big meany. And then never took her to a vet. 7 months old. Still nursing off a cat because all your breeding dogs feed whoever. At 7 months? And you cant produce a health record, clean or dirty. You have 15-20 puppies for sale everyday on Puppyfind (another pitfall of society) of 6-8 breeds and crossbreeds. Yorkies, parti yorkies, chihuahua, Griffons, french bulldogs, maltese, dashounds. You can't even keep them separated-frenchtons, morkies, and the list goes on. You have new pups of every flavor every 90 days or less. Your pups pictures tell it all, same as my pup, they hate you. You pump them full of drugs to get them out the door, when the drug won't fix a genetic disease. And blaming Bijou NKA: Tori would be hard to train be cause she has her mother's attitude, she has never been socialized or taught how to be a dog. 7 months my sweet Bijou NKA: Tori, was, locked in a dark, stinky cage 7 months, extremely sick, and having to fight how many other dogs for puppy chow. Let me break off your teeth and toss a handful of hard kibbles in for you, when your sick and weak. Its sad society can't do to you what you do to dogs. And you have treated dogs this way 35 years. Thats alot of torture. You say they have bloody stools from drinking out of mud puddles. They have it from wallering in their own filth. You spew out quotes of what your vet says you don't have to worry about. But won't give out who your vet is. Because my dog at 7 months old, never saw a vet. She has a genetic liver shunt. And you half ass once offered to replace my dog until I asked if you would get a BAT test and clean health record as I don't want to see this in another dog. You never responded. No because that would cut into you golf fund and sue happy money and time you use to bully and intimidate people. You dont even like animals. You like money. Too much. I have spent $3000 now on my dog, Bijou NKA: Tori (you remember now right? The sick one with broken teeth, Bijou). I do and I can prove it. All of it. No slander here. You got lazy and left all your backyard breeder bull right where I could find it. So let's spend your money on that slander case. Like you say I have all your nasty proof printed, organized and ready to go. It will be nice to see your friends there too. Explaining my proof. The News team though will probably slant one sided they always do. Hummm. So back to BIJOU NKA: TORI ( I know you can hear me now) she needs a surgery that begins at $5000. If I give her back to you and take another sick dog are you going to insure she gets the health care she needs and deserves because she was brought into this world by a careless and ruthless greedy breeder? No you wont, you will take her out behind the shed and kill her, and put her in your pocket until you bury all of the pups you cull as they aren't sellable. You broke your own contract before it was ever written. You sold a dog you knew was sick and didnt disclose it. And you whine you don't know what I want from you, this isn't your fault. Yes, this is your fault. I want my dogs medical needs met, and you stop breeding, and you get prosecuted on every charge from fraud to animal abuse. You see I have time on my hands too, when I'm not medicating Bijou NKA:Tori, and monitoring her stools to be sure they are the consistency of soft serve ice cream due to the medication she takes. Yes you need to read that medical records again. She doesn't take an antibiotic because she has soft stools, she takes Lactulose because she has complete liver failure due to bad breeding and being born with a genetic disease of a liver shunt. She must have loose stools in order to expel toxins from her body that her failed liver cannot. And if she is full of toxins she suffer seizures that are killing her brain cells from HE. But you were just pulling more b.s. when you locked on one drug from the middle of 3 she's on and twisted the stool explanation. So read it again, she must have loose stools to stay alive she is on lactulose. She is on an antibiotic to keep the bacteria down in her intestines. And she will be on these the rest of her life. She must eat only prescription dog food at $3 a can that has no protein. Can't be bought at the local grocery store. Protein cannot breakdown in her system. She cannot have a dog treat like she sees other dogs get. She can have a few cheerios. You twist it that she is on a antibiotic for loose stools. Don't be so vain. Put your glasses on. But I didn't need to tell you any of this, your the one who knows more than a vet. Right? Open another box of cracker jacks.

  • Pa
      21st of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    My name is Pat and I have attached a picture of mine and my wife's french bulldog Vince Vern. I purchased him from the Bulldog Ravine in December 28, 2005 and he just turned three not long ago. He is in the hospital today and going to spend the night due to what seems to be a disc disease related problem. My dog for no reason at all Friday at 4pm started yelping so loud in major pain that I rushed him to the vet. My vet did a full check and gave him a shot of anti-inflammatory and pain medication to go home with. By 1130 pm he was having pain episodes vocally and shaking so I took him into the 24hr vet emergency hospital and they took x-rays and gave him morphine. The vet called the next morning and said that the surgeon thinks there was two fractures in his pelvis, but this normally comes with major trauma, however vince did not suffer any. They also said it could have been the positioning of his body, but wait to Monday and continue pain management and exercise restriction. Vince was ok until 430 am when again I brought him in for being in severe pain and they put a patch on him and more morphine. That lasted until 1130 am today when I again had to now carry him on his bed to the vet where they again gave pain medication and then admitted him and took more x-rays and looked at his back this time. They said that he has some disc disease problem but the surgeon will see us at 10 am on Monday. I have incurred over $1300.00 in charges so far and have no clue of what's to come.

    What came was over 7k in vet bills for spinal surgery and it is with the deepest regret one week and a day after surgery that Vince became an angel on 01/20/2009 at 12pm. He was having mini siezures and muscle atrophy to his back and rear legs. If anyone needs help or wants to talk please contact me at This is an outrage that this can happen and we need to act!!!my family and I are extremely heartbroken and this is due to two people in PA importing sick puppies with congenital diseases just to make a dollar. No mercy compassion for any living thing and these people are the evil in this world.

  • Go
      3rd of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    Just to make everyone aware, Brenda Moncrieff is STILL selling puppies!!! She sells them under her boyfriends name. I will get more details and post them but all I know right now is the boyfriends name is Todd and they are still living in Pine Grove, PA.

  • Go
      3rd of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    Also, Brenda Moncrieff's boyfriend owns his own construction company and they are living right next door to her previous address.

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