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I got a puppy from and I met with Jose Giraldo personally But it's obvious that the house that I met him in Hollywood Florida was a house they use just so people think they are legitimate. If you pay attention there was almost nothing in that house other than a Flatscreen Television a couch and a coffee table. And also, if you pay close attention you'll realize that the puppy you are buying is in that home for the very first time... Sniffing around ect. ect. And who keeps all their doors closed in their home? People who don't want you too see that there is nothing in them, that's who. I took that puppy home and gave that man $2000 knowing that I was being scammed that day, for the simple fact that I could not let him leave with that man ("Jose Giraldo") I took this puppy to the Vet the very next morning... Finding out that the puppy wasn't 10 weeks, he was around 6, at the very most... And to find out a really bad kennel cough... A couple months later my puppy got demodex mange. And a SEVERE case of it. So of course I tried to call Jose Giraldo about 30 times in a course of a week. I never herd back from him. Do yourself a favor and go and check out the website. Look and see how much they DONT look like English Bulldogs. They used to not look like this. They have gotten really out of hand. Please spread the word about these people. These poor dogs are just going to keep getting abused... The people saying they are great are probably the owners of Their prices have gone down a hell of a lot so they're obviously not doing as well as they used to be, so they will do ANYTHING to keep their operation afloat.

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  •   Jan 19, 2012

    I´m Carolina Osorio from Bullcanes and today I´m writing here because it´s also important that anyone who reads this complaints, has another version of events:
    Firstly, I want to say that It´s not easy to have 100% of happy customers in any business, we are a company like any other and not try to deceive people, we love our animals and care them like our children, but thousands of people try to take advantage when buying a puppy, starting with some veterinarians, who are earning by telling a buyer that the puppy is sick (and many times, the puppy is completely healthy). I don´t want to talk about a generality, because are still good people who are honest, but those who are not it, need to work and earn money, then take the opportunity to tell the new owner of the dog that the puppy has a number of diseases in order to demand money in exchange for healing a puppy that is not really sick.
    It´s also true that sometimes the dog can get stressed out after the trip and stress could diarrhea, but this is not a serious condition and two more days the puppy will be in perfect health.
    I don´t want to defend our company, I want to let me explain, we sell live animals and there are many things we can not predict, our puppies come with health warranty, the buyer may know and accept it before purchasing the puppy:
    Again I thank all those who have trusted in us and know we are honest people who enjoy their dog and can also understand that we are human and we make some mistakes, but I can assure you that every day we work to become better.
    If you want to get a list with some of our buyers, I can send you it and you can call them to talk about us and their dogs!
    If you want to get more info about us, please write us to [protected]
    Thank you

    Carolina Osorio

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