BuisgainHighly recommend avoiding

Buisgain claims they are a Great Britain based company. They promise a lot of money, but I can assure you they are liars.
First of all, pay atterntion to their address in Bristol, Avon. If you check it you will find out that there are more than 90 companies that are registered there. Plus, it's a business center, Buisgain didn't bother to mention what suite they occupy (of course, if they really did).
But even if you check a list of companies Buisgain wouldn't be able to be found. Moreover, they provided an email and nothing else.
No phone number. But please, don't forget to send them your money.
For example, they promise you'll get 4, 5% every 24 hours during one month. Why can't clients just buy cryptocurrencies they want without the help of shady companies like Buisgain?
Why did they create this website an ask for ten dollars to be invested? Please, understand, to buy cryptocurrencies you don't need anyone's help. No need to look for reviews to realize it.
I would also recommend you to read their terms. Doesn't it look too lame and short? It contains a lot of mistakes, looks like they never hired anyone to check everything, just did this crap by themselves.
They will never take any responsibility for your money. It will be just stolen and you will never find it.
Please, be careful, don't trust unreliable and suspicious companies.

Dec 03, 2018

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