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Monday, August 17, 2009

do you see that beautiful rock house on the buildings by allphase sight? that is my house, and it has been 25 months in the process now and should only have taken 8-12 months. so if you want slow? these are the guys. if you want it built not the way you asked for it? these are the guys. if you want to never see them again after they get their final funds? these are the guys. i should have known that a barn builder/hotel builder are not capable of building a custom home. they only know how to build things that are "cookie cutter" [or repetitive]. i have a stack of paper, mostly faxes reminding them or asking them to do certain common sense things or asking them if something has ever gotten done. now they wont leave me a voice mail, letter, fax or nothing. they seem to think i owe them money for the labor on the extra work they did for me, however they havent really thought about the fact that i let them out of doing a lot of other things that were to be done to the house that are valued more than the labor of the extra things they did for me. they have known about the items still not done, since march 2009 and some of them "officially" the first week of may 2009.

-they installed 2 large decks on 2nd floor using tile that is not impervious and no expansion joins to cut costs rather than use the composite decking i paid for that they underestimated 4 times. now the tiles are popping and the subflooring underneath holds water and leaks thru below. they came back and installed composite on one deck, and it looks like a 5th grade shop class did the job. they just left the other deck.
-the rock pillars around the garage, the centerposts, and the rock firepit are cracking apart
-the facia around the garage was ruined after the first rain from a watery goo coming from under the decks.
-the outside shower has quit working
-2 of the crank out windows are inoperable
-the microwave was installed with NO VENTILATION and is thus a fire hazard
-they forgot to install a foot rail at the island
-they forgot where the face plat is for my dishwasher
-they forgot where my garage remotes are
when installing garage plumbing they cut through several electrical wires
-the roof had 2 leaks in the den and was dripping on bamboo floors, after 2 months they fixed leak
-the garage ceiling has leak and is mildewing
-they installed one door with the door lock button on the outside, they finally reversed it last month
-all the exterior doors daylight can be seen as the weatherstripping is incorrectly installed[they told me 2 months ago that the weatherstripping will be in "tomorrow and i will have my guys install it. ?where does weatherstripping "come in from? lowe's or home depot". just a random excuse...]
-they told me when i asked if the bath exhaust fans were vented to the outside and not the attic-yes. inspector said they were NOT. after inspection they told me and the inspector they were now. i looked yesterday and NO THEY ARE NOT.
-several interior doors are too short
-they still have not painted my study door
-they still have not painted my bathroom door in the garage
-my home was never registered with the texas real estate construction commission
-rain blows in thru the doors in the rooms over the garage
these are just VERY FEW OF THE MANY MANY problems i have and have had. this has been an absolute nightmare and they are not responsible enough to get in touch with me to give me any information. not that it would be any correct information just as in the past. ie:i was givin 24 or 25 different completion dates.
*fortunately for me, and unfortunately for BUILDINGS BY ALLPHASE, its now outta my hands although i try contacting them once or twice a week to no avail. good luck.
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      Sep 03, 2009

    I design homes in the Texas Hill Country (14 Years) . I recently came in contact with my old high school friend Dan, who thought he was almost done with his dream home near Hunt. I was disapointed that we hadn't run accross each other earlier on a couple of counts. First of all, I would liked to have designed his home for him, and secondly, I could have saved him from his nightmare by turning him on to some of the very good custom home builders in the area that I work with on a daily basis. He explained how he had hired an aquaintence from Houston to be the general contractor, and actually turned Mr. AllPhase on to me to get some design help on a different project he had in the works. It was after a few phone calls with Allphase that I soon became concerned for Dan. It became apparent to me that Allphase had short circuited his memory at some point and furthermore didn't really know alot about custom home building. Fortunately he must have forgotten my phone number as well, so I never got the opportunity to actually do any work with him. Well, towards the end of construction, evidently things started heading south and Dan invited me out to see the place and the problems that were apparent to him. Upon inspection of the home, I felt very bad for Dan who had obviously sunk a chunk of change in the home...all the finest appliances, floor coverings ceiling treatments, doors & windows, metal roofing with beautiful white limestone...all the elements that i have used over the years to design high end custom homes. The problem was that the builder took no pride in delivering his end of the deal by hiring subcontractors who knew what they were doing or lacked the supervision and support to do their work properly. For what I'm sure my friend Dan paid to have the house constructed, he should have had a beautiful Texas hill country style ranch house, but instead has nothing but problems on his hands. The reason why we passed laws here in Texas requiring builders to register and be licensed, is so that they are held acountable by both the client and lending institutions when cotracting to build a home. I only scratch my head and wonder where things went wrong in regards to Dans home. Evidently, there will be some resolution that comes from a court room. But I doubt Dan will ever have the house he paid for. So if this is a forum where people come to check up on whether a contractor is worthy of getting their business...I would have to tell them that based on what I have seen, I would not let Allphase oversee the constuction of a garden shed kit purchased from Home Depot.

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  • F
      Sep 10, 2009

    i am the originator of the complaint. quite intriguing i have now been contacted by buildings by allphase september 5th, them stating, "hey we need to all this stuff done and i will call you next week." ok. sept 9th they call and leave voice mail that they need alarm and gate codes so they can get in to look around at what needs done and...""all i ask is that you give me an extra couple weeks to repair the rear deck"?. im thinking, hmmmm, 2 weeks from when? they have had over 84 days to repair it. anyway i am waiting for them to send me a list of names of people they say they have "lined up and ready to go" [as i have heard 25-26 times before] so that i can provide them with all the entry they need. will revert with more news. [it has been raining now for 3 days and will do so for 3 more so this should be interesting with the leaks and weatherstipping issue and the decks holding water.]

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      Sep 24, 2009

    update update update update update update


    · Sept 10 2009 1120am Thursday joe calls and tells me he goin to house Sunday 13th

    · September 13 Sunday 235 pm joe calls and tells me now he isn’t going until Monday evening

    · Says window and door people wont be at the house for another week. ie: sept 21 [today as I type this no one has been to the house yet nor called to ask for gate combo or alarm to be turned off.]

    · Says he has materials here in kingwood at his house, 5hrs away from the job site, but he has no one to haul them to the job site.[material=deckingmaterial: composite I assume.] ok well this isn’t my problem. He says all the facia needs replaced around decks. Im thinkin, ok, I have been saying and telling him that since may. He asked me where are the leaks, I said I have no idea because they are under the decking material. [how about go and look for yourself next rain?, im thinking]

    · Sept 13 Thursday: I had sent an architect out to house, jeff, to assess. He said these two decks are not fixable short of tearing off and starting over. Builder joe put a tin material, much like you would a boat house which is fine, under the front composite decking but only sloped it 1” for the entire 12ft. jeff said there was so much trash on the tin that there is no way it will drain, thus the problem with leaks. He didn’t use hardie backer board nor a blue skin which is what should be used on exposed deck. Jeff said with the present design, the facia, even if replaced will be ruined again in 2 months and that the deck will leak again in 2-12 months. Joe the builder tells jeff “I am using a sealer on the facia”, jeff says fine, then it has to be sealed every year. Jeff says that the facia needs to be caulked, its not.

    · Joe has not addressed all the cypress on ceiling under decks[carport] that are all bowed and warped due to leaks

    · The 1x2 trim strips where garage rock walls meet the ceiling need to be removed and mortar used like the rest of the house. They are warped and have 100’s of gaps for scorpions and spiders and wasps to make homes.

    · September 17th 525pm builder joe calls and says he will be back in 2 weeks [OCTOBER 5TH] to finish up things [remember the 2 weeks he asked for for the back deck, that’s the 2 weeks] so we will see if and what all gets done.

    · He says “if the decks leak in 5-10 years, I’ll be back”. [I don’t want him back]

    · Says he tried twice to fix the outdoor shower to no avail. Has cut / chiseled out the rock around shwr guts and says will try one more thing. [so did he just leave for 2 weeks and leave open hole?]

    · Says he fixed bedroom 1 window and that bedroom 4 window wont work and that “his guy” is coming. Ok well today is window and door guys day, where are they??? And who exactly is “his guy”?

    · Shower handle in master: he tried to fix, he cant. So the guy from 25 niles away in bandera that installed it is going to come fix. WHEN?

    · Says he has ventilated microwave by drilling holes in the upper and lower shelf.

    · Says instead of putting face plate on dishwasher they “wooded it real nice”. [ok so you have know for 6 months it was missing or forgot where he put it, why not just order one?

    · Says he fixed leak by stairs in garage. Didn’t see the leak that has ruined sheetrock and mildewed the other part of garage. [WHICH I GAVE HIM PICTURES OF. HE FORGOT] said he never knew there was a leak. [he has pictures and its in writing on 2 punch lists] I told him to look at pictures.

    · As many times before, I told him “joe take the punchlists and go line by line and look at each item in the house and touch and put your eyes on it, that will help you remember.

    · He admitted, “danny, I let alotta stuff get by me out here[when he called from the site]

    · Then as usual starts in on how he lost money on this house. Bottom line, as he mentioned to my architect, he underbid it. Sorry once again this isn’t my problem. So I started talking about something else so I don’t have to listen to the whining.

    · He tells me:your guy, jeff the architect, knows his stuff but he aint a ripper like me. Regardless what jeff says, these decks will not leak. [im thinkin if you are such a hot shot ripper, why not do the decks right to begin with.] he admitted to jeff that he cut corners to save money.

    · I said to builder joe, “so u pulled the decking up and put it back down, are the screws back in the same holes or new holes”? he says, “nah, I just pulled up a few boards and I found the leak and its fixed”. [BS]

    · SEPT 19TH 215pm my electrician out there doin some things for me says hey dan, the study door and the breezeway door is open. I am closing them as they are not supposed to be open by your instruction. Thanked him. In the country rats are always lookin for places to get in in the fall. So can anyone tell me why it was necessary for those doors to be left open as well as all 4 garage doors? There was no reason other than lazy. JUST PLAIN SIMPLE LAZY.

    · Sept 19th 220pm I sent builder joe a text to REMIND HIM ONCE AGAIN that all doors are to remain closed. I followed that with a phone call stating same.

    · He says ok. [I found out they had been up again by a neighbor]

    · Asks during this phone call if I will be around sundat sept 20 to go over punch list. Im thinking, no whats to go over ? you had lists since may 2009. Do it.

    · SEPTEMBER 19TH 550PM SATURDAY: joe calls [on his way back to kingwood, 5hrs, says he needs a good rain to see if the decks are gonna leak. Number 1 he said they wont, number two he said they wont leak as he found the leak, and number 3 how ya gonna know if you aren’t there to see.? It rained the Sunday he was back here in kingwood and is scheduled to rain tues. today he took his son fishing.

    · Blames hisself for all the things that happened on job because he wasn’t here like he shoulda been.[I told him that almost a year ago!]

    · So I asked why he has left job site to come back 5hrs away to kingwood. He says…………”I have to order stuff for the decks and I need 20ft pieces and no one has em” . I’m thinkin don’t you have a cell phone[yes] and you can order from out there while you finish up the rest of the stuff. Man this just doesn’t make sense. We are on month 26 fixing to be 27 and STILL NOT DONE. Puzzles me because he said already he has deck material here and needs someone to haul it out there. Just lie after lie after lie.

    · Also remember he said, “I have my guys all lined up danny”. Well I’m kinda wonderin where they all are.

    · Mid conversation he says “my money is fine danny”

    · Late conversation he says “im outta money danny, in fact I am losin money now on this job”

    · Then says “all these change orders I didn’t make a dime”. [of course I never mentioned all the screw ups and all the things I let him “out of” that is worth more than the profit he would stand to make on change orders. If it ever came down to it and it went to arbitration or court, he would actually “OWE ME” money, I have all records and documentation to stand behind.

    · Admitting to jeff he cut corners was a pretty huge blunder. HUGE.


    · SEPT 19 601pm Saturday, I sent him text to fax to me punch list and go line by line telling me what action he took.[SINCE HE SAID HE HAS “ALL” BUT 3-4 ITEMS DONE.just like he lied to me and the inspector before.its sept 21. Nothing.

    · Sept 19 1012pm. Saturday. I text him telling him once again, he didn’t set the alarm at the house. No reply. I failed to mention that sept 17th he left front deck door wide open and making it soooooo easy for rats and coons to invade. He says he closed and locked jimself that door. Well my alarm system is pretty elaborate. No he didn’t. ironic the next eve it armed perfect…………….

    · Builder joe also told me, ”danny we fixed all the weather stripping on the doors too.” I said ok great so when you are inside the house and look toward, for example, the front door do you see daylight around the door? He says well danny we didn’t fix that one as it takes a “special weatherstripping”. Huh? So there ya have it again, another untruth. I think its “just tell the owner what he wants to hear so he will get off your back” type deal with him.

    · That’s the latest. He did call sept 21 Monday to say he got my text and sorry for not getting list to me but will do it tues. will see what happens……….


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  • F
      Sep 25, 2009

    september 25 2009 update:

    i finally got a fax from joe at buildings by all phase in which he was listing what he had done on the punch list. he answered a bout 50% of the punchlist when in fact he told me "i only have 3-4 things left on the list to do". he also said he replaced all weatherstripping in the house. * he just told me 2 days before that he hadnt been able to get to the front door weatherstripping because it needs "special weatherstripping". thats just couple examples. what a stinkin joke. so i resent a fax to him and entitled it "simplified form" and ask all the questions again and put "YES or NO" at the end of each and left room "to please explain if needed" below them, instead of seeing his mealy mouthed answers of which are just completely opposite of what he told me in many instances on the fax or are different than what he told me. i asked him flat out: you told me you will be back to the house in two weeks, monday oct 5th. do you have all materials ordered and all the workers lined up to meet that day and get things done"? [after all he has had 2 weeks to line all up. I HAVENT HEARD BACK FROM HIM AND I SENT The FAX / QUESTIONAIRE TO HIM AT O415 HRS CST 9/24/09. thats the latest in the nightmare...i'll be back

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      Sep 30, 2009


    here is the latest update on my review of " buildings by allphase". i finally have heard back from them. they went to the job site about 3 weeks ago, worked 3 days came back home. work is NOT ANYWHERE NEAR DONE. i have rec'd notice from them that they would rather go to arbitration than to finish up the correction of all the problems they created and obviously admit, as they went out there to work 3 days and i have record of several conversations where there is admitted fault. not sure i or anyone else understands this thought process.ALSO, in the response they say they have been trying to fax my home fax. i told them 3 days ago to fax to my work number. will revert back as to just how big a can of worms they open up on themselves. by the style of the letter it appears now son is jumpin in and im not so sure he understands/realizes the depth of this as he has not been involved in the building of the home.

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  • B
      Nov 05, 2014

    Well so sorry. I'm going thru a mess with the son & his wife myself. And they said this has never happened before! Maybe this is why they want to go by barns & buildings now instead of buildings by all phase. The reason I got for not wanting to use building by all phase name is because the sons mother (joes wife) it's in her name & she xiulsnr get Medicaid if any business done in this name! My house is unfinished & they want the rest of their money.

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  • A
      Nov 07, 2014

    I'd like to add that they are also using another name dba barns and buildings just google them that name plus Dot com.

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  • A
      Nov 07, 2014

    Also if you have dealt with them and suffered like the above customer please contact me!

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