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Just want to let everyone know that Building Biz Credit is a Scam!!! There website is and the owner is Aaron Van Curler, his phone number is [protected] and they work out if Huntington Beach, California. They promised me that they would get me a shelf corp with a good size line of credit. I made a mistake by not doing my research, but when I saw that there two more other reports on /link removed/ I had to make another report so others like me don't get screwed by this guy.

They told me lies that Aaron Van Curler was in a motorcycle accident
and as soon as you send them the money ($8, 500 us), you can't get a hold of them anymore.

I forgot to mention one important thing. Dakota claimed that he was
going to be out of work and is not getting paid by Aaron because of
some Credit Card Scam (Instabill) that their company has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. I think this is boguss as well. I will
gladly join anyone else in the fight to nail these guys please feel
free to contact me.

I am working with another person that got screwed by this guys together to find out more info on these guys. If you have any info, please call me.

The two main clowns that run this show are:

Aaron Van Curler
phone # [protected]

Datoka Geffre
phone # [protected]

***There is 3 pictures of Aaron Van Curler. I know that the pictures are of him, I asked his friends to verify them. The third picture, he is in the red shirt.

You can contact me @ [protected] or 416.999.7632

Thank you,

Tony D

Building Biz Credit
Building Biz Credit
Building Biz Credit


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      Sep 01, 2009

    Ya I agree with this complaint, because it is 100 % true!!! That guy Aaron Van Curler is ripping poeple off and is getting away with it. If you are a victim call those phone #'s that are posted. I live in H.B. and know the guy well and Dakota Jeffre is also in the scam. He is not in the pictures above, but you can find him on a blog sight that pertains to this subject. Call the guy in Canada and he will let you know more. Dakota does a lot of lieing for Aaron V.

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      Sep 01, 2009

    The sad part is that this clown Aaron is dragging inocent poeple into this. I wonder what the poeple in these pictures think of this situation knowing that their photos are painted all over the world wide web? He pretends to be such a big business man and talks up a big show on how he is doing so well in life. He and Dakota are just little small time scam artists that are living large on others and do not care one bit who they injure!!! Dakota acts like the inocent one, but is in fact just as guilty if not more so than Aaron. Lets see, if the did not have a web sight then they would not be scamming people. Correct? Well, Dakota name comes up as the web sight administrator!!! If you do the research, which is not hard to do you can discover all of the info on them. So, if Dakota Jeffre did not enable Aaron Van Curler then this scamm would have been more so difficult for Aaron to do. Aaron Pays Dakota out of the money that he gets into his personal bank account, so that makes Dakota Jeffre a accomplis!!! Lets see can any one identify any of the poeple in those pictures above. If so go ahead and let some of these people know that their pictures are on the internet!!! If you have any info on Dakota and Aaron let the victims know and or the police!!! This is all a felony fraud and it is crossing state and international lines there for a federal violation!!! DO NOT LET THESE CREEPS GET AWAY WITH THIS!!

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      Sep 01, 2009

    Hey victims,
    Act very fast as to get the authorities involved. Aaron lives off of Lake street in H.B. and Dakota lives off of Georgia Street in H.B. Their exact address can be retrieved from other victims that hired a private investigator as to get the exact apartment / condo #'s. They may plan to skip out of town and no one may never be able to locate them again, so this is your chance. Use the internet as good as you can so you all can nab these guys. Another thing!!! It has been discovered and verified that they lie about some guy being thier attorney. They do not have an attorney and the guy that they say is their attorney is just finding out that they are lieing about him being thier attorney. These two are the only ones involved in this scamm. They are a two man operation so do not beleive a single word that comes out of their mouths!!! They are liars and thieves!!!
    I am watching them in H.B. and I will keep all of you up to par.

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