Building 1543 West 7th Street,brooklyn,11204No HOT water!

We are experiencing inconvenience due to the absence of hot water. It happened already 2 times.
First time we had this problem on a week day and the 2nd time was on Saturday, weekend, which is more inconvinient, because people on weekends usually do a lot of cleaning, taking showers, etc. I've been waiting for hot water for the entire day, I called landlord .See Top 10 Worst Companies in Brooklyn, NYShe said she gonna solve the problem within 20 minutes. I was waiting for more than 2 hours and nothing changed. We supposed to go to our friend's wedding and were late for 4 hours!!! We couldn't take a shower at home. This so inconvinient and annoying, especially when you pay for rent and don't get the services you paid for.
Tenants of the building 1543 West 7th street.


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