Build a bandit / car restoration

1 22 Ward drive, Fairview, NC, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 828-776-0086

I ordered a TA from these crooks & it took them a yr and a half to finish the car. Every time I talked to Bob all I got was excuses & BS. I was very specific about how I wanted the car built & they did not follow my instructions. These guys are not Trans Am experts they actually know very little about important details.
The paint job is bad, has fingerprints in it. Spoilers don't fit properly. PS pump leaked. Transmission leaks from every seal. Rear main seal leaks.
Washers pump & windshield wipers didn't work. AC didn't work. Brakes were put on wrong that's why I say dangerous. Seats cut & frames so rusted they would not work.
Dash was split. Turn signal would not work. Wrong wheels. Windshield frame fell off. Driver door would not unlock. Radio quit working. Put chrome valve covers & air cleaner on engine.
Suspension shot. Rear diff needs to be rebuilt. Thermostat did not work.
Headlights quit working. Interior trim all different colors. Seat belts rusted. Carb had to be rebuilt.
This car was a piece of crap, I've spent 10 K on it so far & will have to spend another 5 K to get it right.
Do not buy from these people, stay away at all costs. I have not spoken with one of their customers that was happy or satisfied! I know for a fact that the FBI & police have investigated them. Bob has been arrested for odometer tampering

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