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Buffalo Wild Wings - Port Chester -ny / horrific situation

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Regarding BWW - Port Chester: From July 8, 2009
Things have changed for the worse. Recommend that ALL trivia players avoid this location like the plague. Recent new manager 'J' is horrific. Went through about 12 boxes and all were LOW Battery. This had been a problem for a few weeks now and they do nothing about it. Requested waitress to get manager. No one came, so our party got up to leave and the manager 'J' came over and accused us of throwing a box at the waitress and hitting her. It never happened. She was probably pissed cause she brought us 12 boxes and all were bad and now she would have to carry them away from the table. Manager 'J' told us to leave. He had no desire to hear the customer out. The waitress lied. They have cameras and if they bother to review the video they will see she was not touched. Manager 'J' did not care. Manager 'J' made it clear to us in words, and action that customers are not as important as his staff. Manager 'J' said that as far as he was concerned his employees are number 1. This is a good attitude as without customers there would be no need for staff. Then again, maybe he was communicating to us that this BWW needs to close since customer was not required. By the way, manager 'J' made the excuse that the boxes were used at lunch time and that is the reason they were not charged. Only a few problems with manager 'J's' theory, this BWW does very little lunch business, and at no time during the last few weeks when given these low battery boxes did staff or management offer this excuse. Rather, the boxes are not charged cause the staff does not place them back in the charging units the night before, or as one manager told us, they might have problems with the electrical connections. On many occasions we had witnessed the wait staff just place the trivia boxes near the charging stations as it seemed to be too much effort for them to return them appropriately so they could be charged. Manager 'J' must have on his bookcase the classic book called 'The Book of Excuses: Ways to Misinform Customers and They Will Be Gullible.' We had been regulars at this location since they opened a few years ago. This incident takes the cake for poor management, unprofessionalism, indifference, and bias towards the truth. We had just met the new General Manager the night before. He was pleasant, professional, and accommodating. The GM 'M' was informed about the problem with the boxes. One last note about the incident. Another manager 'T' was on duty, he knew us as regulars. When we were speaking, or rather being ignored about what happened by 'J' he came over carrying about 8 boxes. Manager 'T' told us he knew we were coming in and he made sure he had plenty of boxes fully charged for us. By his facial reaction after we were told to leave 'T' clearly knew something was amiss. Waitress and manager 'J' need to realize pushing a box to the end of the table so it can be removed and charged does not, and is not throwing a box at a waitress. Avoid this location... better off going to BWW-West Nyack where things have vastly improved under new GM 'P, ' who had been the prior manager of this BWW- Port Chester. Bring back manager 'P.' Time will tell to see how the franchise owners handle this serious problem.


Well corporate BWW called and indicated that they retracted the notion that the waitress had a box thrown at her and now any contact was purely accidental. However, nothing ever happened. No contact was ever made. If the waitress had been hit she would have yelled and screamed at the time. Since it never happened she had no reason to respond as such. They have cameras all over this location and if management had commonsense and took the time to review the tape they would learn the truth. Also, there was absolutely no apology from the managers and/owners. But these owners do not seem to be concerned about customers as noted by others recent actions by them. For instance, unlike 99.9999% of the other restaurants in this country they decided to NO longer offer decaf coffee. This means that if you are someone who is on a caffeine restricted diet you have no options regarding hot drinks. And if you are caffeine restricted and on a diet you are totally screwed.

More problematic is there new promotion that reportedly begins on Saturday, July 11th at 7PM and runs for 6 weeks. Women will be able to order alcoholic drinks for One Cent. Yes, thats 1 Penny for each listed drink from 7PM to 10PM. I am sure many of these drinks will work their way into the hands of men. Anyone driving in the area should be concerned when these patrons leave BWW on these nights. BWW management and owners seem to not care how their attempt at a money grabbing promotion will impact the community. But, then again, they are the same management team that is indifferent to customers and are concerned only about their own needs. Corporate narcissism at its worst. MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers was notified about this promotion.

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  • Bc
      20th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Get a life, if all you do is come in for trivia, we don't want you. Sorry, other people use them, sorry they can't be all charged up for you and ONLY YOU.

    Oh wow they don't have decaf coffee?
    Yeah, it's a SPORTS BAR.

    The word BAR is in the title, so shut up, you're lucky they even have coffee period.

  • Ju
      14th of Jul, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I used to know a guest like this, came in sat for four or five hours, never ordered anything but water. I was another guest who wanted to sit spend some money and leave.

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