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Buffalo Restaraunt / Warning

1 United States

This was the worst dining experience in my life! I will never go there again and they way they treated me and my friend makes me want to warn others.

We decided to go since the restaraunt was close and we had never been there. We were seated and my friend ordered the Chicken Parmesan and I ordered the Buffalo Chicken Wings and Fried Zucchini. When we received our food we were pretty displeased. My friends Chicken Parmesan was covered in meat sauce, he does not eat red meat and Chicken Parmesan is SUPPOSED to have a marinara sauce on it. My Buffalo Chicken Wings were covered in a sweet bar-b-que sauce, not the tangy spicy sauce mentioned in the menu, and were stringy and tasted like they had been in the freezer for quite some time. The Fried Zucchini was VERY soggy, the breading was soaked and the zucchini was so overcooked that it went limp in your hand when you picked it up. Now I have never sent food back at a restaraunt before but I felt that this warranted some type of action. It could have all ended there and I would not be here writing this review but what happened next was apalling!

The owner or manager, I am not sure what position but he was not a waiter, came over to us and VERY loudly demanded to know what was wrong with our food. We quietly explained the same thing we told our waitress and he just started yelling at us in front of the entire restaraunt about how much food we were wasting and how much this was costing him! Every other diner in the restaraunt now had their eyes focused on our table! He went on and on about how he has never had this happen before and that his food was fine. When he was done berating us we actually received a check with the entire cost of the food on it. We didn't even eat our food! We went up to the front register and refused to pay and left.

If the owner had not come up to us and treated us so poorly I would not be on here warning people of this restaraunt. If we had been treated properly I probably would have actually gone there again, just ordered something different. The way we were treated was apalling and I still feel as though we deserve an apology!


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