buds gun storedishonest dealing

Talked to these guys made a deal and sales rep told me to get 3% cash discount needed to do e check.Called him back several times with E check no answer from just a few hours ago..Finally went to another Rep. he found my incomplete order got the rest of the info.Gave me the new price.Almost $200 more.So I ask him, "How 'd it go up almost $200(I had watched this pistol for almost 2 months at this price)since this morning???He stammered around prices sometimes go up.I have been watching several other items (used to)and no price increase.Not A dime more, just this one.I shoot a bunch with Officers from different agency s.I must admit I'd not send anyone to BUDS in Ky or the new one in Tn.I plan to warn everyone I know of this place's Shady dealings as well .They have a Aplus on the BBB icon.on the Buds gun store site. the BBB site, which I also made complaint, it shows B.Seems rather dishonest to me...mmmmmmmmIt also sayes BUY WITH CONFIDENCEmmmm May I ask, confidence in what exactly.When deal'n with Buds. BUYER BEWARE!!!Be well and Have a Nice Day.

Feb 02, 2015

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