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Br Mar 02, 2016 Lesington Kentucky Review updated:

Ordered PTR 91 GI in mid-February, Paid by check. Arrived at dealer 24th. Gun is 2015 basic GI model, and functions fine. Have fired 100 rounds through weapon with zero problems. I will probably go ahead and purchase rear sight adjustment tool from HK parts to raise elevation. So, as far as the gun itself goes, you can buy one of these and expect it to work well and probably hold up over the long run. HERE IS WHY I GAVE IT SUCH A LOW RATING. PTR 91 Industries website states any GI firearm shipped out after 1/116 will have upgraded barrel threading and paddle magazine release. The photo Bud's shows on this item listing is for the older model. When I called customer service to see which rifle Bud's is actually selling, the nice girl on the phone could not tell me one way or the other. I went ahead an ordered it, and when I got the older model without the newer features, I figured it was old stock that Bud's was getting rid of. After taking possession of the rifle, I find a review dated 2/25/2016 by Gregory K. where he ordered the same rifle and was shipped the updated model. When I called Bud's I was advised that since I had taken possession of the gun from the FFL, there was nothing they could do, even for a customer like myself who has a history as a customer with Bud's going back to 2010. Moral of this story: Bud's buys its stock from various wholesalers and sells them for reduced prices (kind of like StienMart or TJ Max) so you can never be quite sure what they are going to pull out and send you once you order an item. It should not be such a crap shoot when ordering an item costing hundreds of dollars. Given the lack of resolution on this particular issue I intend to make my future purchases with a company that does not vary so wildly in their stock and places a higher value on my business.

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      Jun 23, 2016

    I have dealt with Buds for years and have bought no less than 5 weapons from them. I have also purchased through various sources and sites on the internet and had the weapons shipped to my FFL. I have never, ever signed for a weapon without inspecting it first. If I was not 100% satisfied, I would refuse the item and have it shipped back. This has happened once in many opportunities and it was a case of the wrong model being sent.
    I ordered a PRT 91 from BUDS. I received a slightly different model than what I ordered and called them. At the time, SHOT SHOW or some other huge event was going on and management was not available. The next day, they called me from on the road, apologized and made it good with me. The weapon I received had everything I wanted, just not the 'exact' model I ordered. They more than made it up to me and I continue to be a satisfied customer. Biggest common theme I see on most of these complaints is people signing for weapons they either don't inspect or were not happy. You have the right to refuse. No one forces you to sign the FFL paperwork. If you read their buying from us info, it tells you to inspect, be happy or don't sign. Bill - North Caroina

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