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I ordered a longun from them on November 21, 2011 for a gift. It took 14+ days to process and ship Buds forgot to send the shipping notice via email. when we checked the tracking it was already headed back to Buds!? My FFL checked with UPS, and buds shipped it to the wrong address. My FFL receives packages every week from Buds. Buds was adimit it was still our issue, and charged me an additional $15.00 for the shipping. Which it's now December 12th, the package will be at their shipping department for at least an additional 7 days prior to being shipped again for "paper work". When asked if i would receive it before the 23rd (Fri. before Christmas, and 32 days after the original order date) they could not confirm the delivery. This is not my first online firearm purchase, but it is my first and last order with Buds. Very disapointed but what do they care they have my hard earned cash, and my sons first .22lr.

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  • Th
      Aug 14, 2012

    Buds Guns Customer Service Sucks! I have had better customer relationships with strangers from China! After calling them 4 times and talking the the supervisor, I was insulted, lied to and then told that their shipping delay was my fault. I received all my other items from the order 3 days BEFORE they even shipped the rifle. The poor customer service will be detrimental to any decision to by another firearm from this company again. At this point, I never want to shop this site again! For a return they wanted to charge me $140! Just to send a unopened item back. And many of their items are cheaper elsewhere, just check the site : LC Action.

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  • Cr
      Oct 18, 2012

    'buds" sucks

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  • Ki
      Mar 13, 2013

    I had the exact same experience. UPS had actually tried to get a correct address from them for my home, because buds had shipped to the wrong one, and i never received an email or phone call from buds about it. i didnt even know that the package had been returned to buds until it was already there. so march 1st i called and told them to return my money to me. i waited and waited until i finally called buds and was actually able to get a person on the phone. he told me the check was mailed on the 1st and when he was telling me this it was the 13th of march. i havent received any aknowledgment of my situation from them. my tickets are still open on their site waiting to be addressed. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. there are so many good gun dealers that you can buy from. it may not happen the first time you buy from buds, but if you buy from them enough, you will get ripped off.

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  • Re
      Aug 25, 2015

    I am a Buds Team Member (won't do that again). I saw a S&W 686 Plus on 8/24/15 and purchased it, received 2 confirmation emails immediately. The the next day received an email to call them about this order, I did and the person on the phone said he had to cancel my order. When I asked I'm why he said they sold more guns than they had and I asked him how this could happen especially when I received an email. He said their computer system can oversell on popular items as a number of people are ordering within a short period of time. He could not address why I received the confirmations then next day... Just kidding, not yours... He seemed more interested in getting me off his line than customer service.

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