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I placed an order for a gun on their website, and a few days later wanted to change the other. I was charged a 10% restocking fee to make the changes to which I had no choice but agree or forfeit my money. After the purchase, I submitted a negative customer review and cited the incident mentioned above. I then received an email from a person called Nick Valle who is supposedly a Customer Service Manager informing me to call him to discuss my recent review. I called and explained to him why I posted the negative review to which we replied as unfair to their business. After the call I sent him an email further detailing the reasons why a negative review was submitted. In return, I receive an email stating that my current order that was pending had been cancelled. A few minutes later I attempt to log onto the website and to my surprise I am brought to a screen telling me that my account cannot be found and that it has been permanently suspended. WOW! Talk about taking care of your customers! Buds Gun Shop will never see a penny from me, and I warn against everyone else thinking about giving them your hard earned money.

Buds Gun Shop

May 20, 2013
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  • Ro
      Jun 04, 2013

    My account as well was suspended, I did a layaway and changed my mind. Then when I tried to place a new layaway my account no longer had the feature to place any layaways. I called customer service and spoke to NICK VALLE, I explained that I am a VIP customer and would appreciate it if they would re-enable my account to purchase via layaway, Nick said that I need to make 3 purchases at full price then he will reinstate the layaway feature. That angered me and told him that after spending over $5k in the past 6 months that they should have some consideration but because of his irate attitude I will never shop at BUDS ever again and hung up, Anyways a hour later when i tried to log back on I got a message saying that my account has been permanently suspended by the webmaster.

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  • Av
      May 07, 2014

    I hope Budgunsshop gets rid of this NICK VALLE person before he runs them out of business. I made an "OFFER" for a gun and it was accepted right away, so i had no choice but commit and buy the gun, only to discover I had been charged the full price instead. So I wrote an email right away and got no response. I called the very next morning and was told the gun was already shipped and there was nothing they could do about it. So I wrote a complaint and the Nick dude called me to tell me my account was closed, they didn't want my money and cancelled the purchase (how did they cancelled is a mystery since the gun was already shipped... hmmmm!).
    Someone with no personal skills what so ever should not be working at a customer service: he is rude and has a terrible attitude.

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  • Ag
      Sep 05, 2014

    I also had the same dealing with this sorry excuse for a manager Nick Valle who sent me a used gun when the item clearly stated "Factory New". He immediately got loud with me which is evidence that Buds does this a lot to their customers and he's used to it. He said that they were not in the wrong so they owed me nothing. I then went to the website to check on something with my account and it was also deactivated. He is a terrible excuse for a manager and should be fired.

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