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Budget ATVs


will not honor Warranty

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Contact information:
Budget ATV's
Dallas, Texas
United States
Phone: 1-877-241-7981
I purchased an ATV (ATA125D)from budgetatvs.com. in June of this year my order number is : BQ-2009111211**** I paid at total of $698.00 and paid that amount over time on layaway.I paid it off on June 11th 2010 and was told it would ship within 4-6 days and it was, I received it from Old Dominion truck lines on the 16th of june. When it arrived the shipping container was falling apart, and the driver would not wait for me to check for damages, as it turns out the brush guard was broken, the tie rods were bent and the foot rest had damage. I informed Budget ATV's of this and they noted it, I spoke with Trevor. After putting it together as instructed, The ATV started one time and would not start again. I called the company and they said it is prob. the battery, so they sent a new battery. However this still did not fix the problem, it still would not start, again I called them back and they said its prob. the starter or the selinoid, so they sent them and they were put on. Finally the ATV started, but smokes was just pouring out of the exhaust, it was white smoke with a bluish tint to it. They asked me to send pictures of the ATV and of the smoke, which I did, they emailed me back saying the ATV had been rolled (WRECKED). I had sent them pictures of the damage that the trucking company had caused and assured them that it had never been rolled. Finally they agreed that it was a problem with the motor poss. caused by the trucking company and they were going to file a claim against the trucking company. They sent me shipping labels and a bill of lading for the return, and stated that once they receive it and inspect it, that a new ATV would be sent. Since that time it has taken me two weeks for them to respond to any of several emails to them about this, and my phone calls were never returned or I would be disconnected from the call.Finally I have received a nasty email from them saying that there was nothing wrong with the ATV, that they fixed it, and that I shouldn't have ever purchased an ATV because I am disabled, and can not work on them, I own a car also and I can't work on it either so does that mean I should not bye a car??? The email also said that it will ship within 48 hrs and I will be emailed with the cost of shipping both ways!!! I sent and email back informing them that I was not paying for shipping either way, because they authorized the return because they asked for pictures of the ATV and thats what they based the return on and I should not have to pay because it was with their permission. I also let him know that I did not appreciate the smart comment he made towards my disabilities. as well as letting him know that if I did not hear from them soon, I would assume that they are not going to honor THEIR OWN WARRANTY, I followed their warranty step by step and now they want to renig and the warranty. The Following are just a few of the emails I have received from Bugdget ATVs>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
I have now received the ATV back. The Freight Line delivered it and did not charge me. The driver stated that his dispatcher said to return it to me at no cost, and they would bill Budget ATVs. It was originally sent COD by Budgget ATVs. I sent Budget ATVs and email letting them know that the ATV was NOT fixed as they stated (they said the ATV was fine, they just had to make a carburator adjustment, took 5 minutes to fix) I aslo let them know that if I did not hear from them by October 8th I would assume that they were not going to honor the Warranty. The following is the email they sent me :::::::
"900 friends and not 1 one them knew it was a simple carburetor issue? That's a shame. You're just digging yourself a deeper hole by sending nasty emails and slandering the company. Pretty crazy you have such a large reach "across the world". I doubt it'll put us out of business though considering we do most of our business in countries that don't speak English. Once again, we'll send out your perfectly functional ATV to you if you'd like, just pay shipping when it arrives in accordance with our policies. That email was followed by this one ::::::: From: Budget ATVs <budgetatvs@gmail.com>
To: WILLIAM DESENSI <dino1010@att.net>
Sent: Mon, October 11, 2010 2:10:57 PM

Oh Good Grief! Why don't you start shooting spit wads at me, now you're just getting a little childish for being a grown (and retired) man Mr. Desensi. Please don't give yourself a heart attack, you seem like you're very very upset. Calm down and handle it how you wish. We'll correspond through whatever means your credit card company or lawyer decides, but for now I don't think we'll be writing you back as we don't want you to work yourself up and end up giving yourself an aneurism or anything. Really, just advice from myself personally, please take a deep breath before you have a stroke, none of this is worth getting yourself angry and worked up over. Our offer still stands to reship your ATV and have you pay shipping costs under our policies any time you wish.
Nice Company to deal with huh ??????
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N  18th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes

Budget ATVs - Inferior product and poor customer service
Budget ATVs
United States

We had nothing but trouble with 2 ATVs that we ordered for our kids...tried different parts, constant maintenance and repairs, finally gave up and asked to return them. We had trouble getting Budget ATVs staff to respond to communications, but finally got the ATVs returned...guess what?! They did not return our money, did not return the MANY messages that we left for them, and they have ignored the small claims judgement we received against them. We paid for inferior products, and we did not get our money back. DO NOT buy from these guys, they do not stand behind their product. that should tell you everything you need to know.
N  20th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes

Budget ATVs - Incorrect item recieved
2425 camp ave ste 100
United States
Phone: 877-241-7981

We ordered a 250C ATV, they sent us the wrong model.. i did not know why we got directions to put the 250D so i emailed the company and asked them, they asked me to take pictures of the label and the product.. they said you have 7 days to return the product. the man on the phone told my husband if my son does not like it let them know asap .. so we tried we put it together my son said it is not sporty looking it is more like a trailer., So I told the company that we wanted the one we ordered plus we told them the this one they sent did not seem to run smooth like it was not for fun it was more like a hunting type quad something to get through the rough not having fun and climbing.. so after the second day of charging the battery and allowing my son to look at it he said i want the one i ordered.. GUESS what.. they said no not after you assembled it... I said but you cannot tell what model you have until it is half assembled and when we noticed you told us, tell him to look at it and let us know since we sent the wrong one we will replace it... now they said they do not normally replace just because you do not like it but this was different we got one that we did ask for, ... so they said that is different and it can be replaced.. until you try... they LIE they do not take them back even if they send the wrong model.. SO don't let them lie to you, you get what you get.. they have no heart no care no understanding... they are real nice until you disagree with something then the true side comes out.. we had it for Christmas we put it together and was going to store it somewhere til Christmas but when the wrong one came we had to ask if liked it because we only had a week to exchange...WELL NOT REALLY cuz they never planned on exchanging it, that is all a tale.. like i said they act nice until you are not happy, cuz one you are not they could care less. SO VERY unhappy, , not only did i have to give it to my son before Christmas because i was told to see if he would like it... even after that they would not exchange ALL LIES all stories to get you stuck with what they send you.. Plus we had 5 calls that clarified the color and model wanted and we had several emails each confirming it. .. it must have been fate for us to clarify in our emails and calls, .. because after making sure we were getting the quad of choice they still sent the wrong one... i told therm this one was not running properly.. and it is not what we ordered... they said not running properly... yes, , they said all then you rode it, , its yours ... we said NO we were storing it next door it had to be started... THEY SAID YOU PUT IT TOGETHER YOU MOVED IT NEXT DOOR... YOU CANT Have the one you want...TOO BAD, , , don't use this company they are a front for un trustworthy...none caring and not smart if they couldn't get it right after all the calls and email... i would never send a customer here and if i heard anyone wanted to go there i would talk them out of it... not only did it make our holiday surprise not a surprise they made it disappointing..

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