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Budget ATV's / incredibly rude and misleading

1 Dallas, TX, United States Review updated:
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I ordered an ATV for my son off of their website and at the time it had an offer to send rush shipping for free if ordered online. At checkout it did not offer the free shipping so I sent an email to the Budget ATV contact site. A week had passed and I did not receive a reply to my email so I sent a second email stating that I guess they were not going to honor their free shipping and that they must have chosen to ignore my last email. I thanked them for taking my money and told them that I would not be doing business with them in the future. I did this mostly to see if they would respond. Most businesses would send a reply stating they must have missed my email however they would honor the free shipping and refund the charge. Some would even want to make sure that a happy customer is a repeat customer. Unfortunately for Budget ATV's they have someone who is extremely rude and apparently they have so much business that even with the recession and tightening of belts going on now they do not need repeat business. Below is the exact email that was sent to me by someone who did not even have the good sense to sign it. Anyway, here it is and you can judge for yourself if you want to deal with a company as rude as this one.

you selected to pay for rush shipping when you did not have to next time don't IGNORE THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE WEBSITE.we will refund your card the 39.00 and look foward to not doing business in the future

This was the exact email so the emphasis on the ignore the instructions was from them. Nicely done Budget ATV's.

Martin McGrath
Colorado Springs, CO

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  • Ja
      28th of May, 2009
    +2 Votes

    aweful to deal with. Love the 4 wheeler but came with a flat tire, have been dealing with 4 different people who don't know what the heck is going on. After 2 months of it sitting in my shed with flat tire I finally did get a new tire but they sent a rear rim with tire which I told them and emailed them a picture of the front tire. Front rim is different from back rim. The place doesn't know their front door from their back door. Told my friends don't bother...great price but it's not worth a fustration.

  • Se
      2nd of Sep, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Budget atv have horrible customer service. I 've been trying to contact them about parts for the carburater still under warranty. They never return my call, laught at, and hung up on me. This office locate in Texas.Trever and Brad were and impolite. I'll take my business elsewhere.

  • Am
      4th of Nov, 2009
    +2 Votes

    god i wish i read this first. im going threw hell for my 10 year olds bday presant now going on 2 months ago

  • Am
      30th of Apr, 2010
    -1 Votes

    i actually found that trevor helped me out tremendously when i bought my sons atv. when we purchased it, it had a bad motor, i can't blame them they don't make the four wheelers. when i called to see about fixing the problem they were very helpful in troubleshooting. once we determing that it was not fixable they sent a big rig to pick it up at no charge to me, i have since then ordered a replacement, i am still making payments, but until the four wheeler arrives i am still optimistic. amanda
    bourg, LA

  • Di
      27th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    I too wish I would have seen this first, The same too people that I dealt with, Trevor and Brad were the rudeset people in a customer service position I have ever seen in my life, now I set without an ATV the I paid for and had to have parts replaced before it would run, they auth. a return and now refuse to send it back unless I pay shipping both ways, the are PATHETIC !!!

  • At
      25th of Jan, 2011
    +2 Votes

    I ordered an atv for my son from Budget atv's. I selected the rush option. The atv arrived one week late. Every time my son would go riding, he would come back with something wrong on his atv. We decided to return it. Even then, their attitude was horrible. Now my child's christmas is ruined. Thanks alot Budget atv's.

  • At
      3rd of May, 2011
    +2 Votes

    Two words: Horrible Company!

  • Mi
      14th of Jul, 2011
    +1 Votes

    This is the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with. We bought our son's 4wheeler less than a year ago. August 17, 2010 to be exact. The hand brake has never worked. It smokes. It rattles. Parts are constantly falling off. I purchased the extended warranty but the rep I have been dealing with is so RUDE it is unbelievable. I will copy/paste some of the things he has said to me via email.

    After ordering parts and not receiving them 2 weeks later I contacted them and Trevor immediately developed an attitude towards me.

    So I sent him this...
    This ATV is a piece of junk. The battery that was on it when we received it was crap. I called in and someone was supposed to send me a new battery. Have yet to get it and that was last September! We got this atv for our son for his 6th birthday and he rode it 15 minutes and we had to put it up until we could go pay $40 for a decent battery so he could even ride it! It smokes. It has a horrible rattle. The body is a cheap plastic piece of junk. The hand brake has NEVER worked. My husband has done everything to it we have been told to do. It still doesn't work. The throttle stuck on it and caused my son to wreck it and bust the cheap body. WE had to pay $95 to replace it. The chain comes off every single day no matter how much it is adjusted. I call in and ask for parts that are covered under the warranty I purchased with the ATV and it takes a week to even get them on a truck. So you wonder why I have a bad attitude about this thing? It was a waste of $588 plus $95 for a body! That's why!

    His reply was this...
    You know what's great? FREE parts even after your warranty runs out, THAT'S great. The carbs weren't in stock until yesterday, and as soon as they came in you were shipped out. What's not great is your horrible attitude, sell the ATV on craigslist if you don't want it any more. Go spend your money on a mechanic to do all the work for you and pay HIM for parts.

    Oh you don't want to do that? You STILL want to give me a super crappy snotty stuck-up attitude after I went out of my way to get you taken care of and extend your warranty because YOU didn't read and understand something? I'll still continue to help you out even when you're acting like a small child throwing a tantrum, because I don't think you were born this way, I think something has driven you to be this angry angry woman you've become. And you're welcome, Michelle, no problem.

    I wasn't SUPPOSED to do anything for you, you aren't SUPPOSED to have a warranty, you aren't SUPPOSED to get free parts. I was not visited by a higher being and told "YOU MUST SUPPLY MICHELLE N******* WITH PARTS AND SERVICE EVEN THOUGH HER WARRANTY HAS EXPIRED"...that didn't happen...I'm doing this to be nice and your constant ### attitude continues to reflect what kind of person you are, not the level of my service.

    If you need help putting on the carb let me know.

    Trevor @

    So then he offers to extend my warranty through November of 2011. Today is 7/14/2011 and we have lost another part and in the last 3 days I have emailed them at least 15x and when I finally got a reponse he informed me the part is on the way and my warranty expires 8/23/2011. I reminded him that he extended it and I have the email as proof. He told me to burn that email because I am so evil and he has changed his mind.


  • Ro
      8th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    ATV's sold by this company is complete junk. If you buy from them, You would be better off burning your money. I bought a 300 ATV from them. If I didn't have a welder It would not have lasted a week. Every weld on the machine broke. Every piece of plastic on it didn't last a week. In four months they have sent me four carburetor's. All of them don't work. Brakes wore out in two weeks. Chain was worn out in two months. These people are ripping off public. Complete Junk

  • Bo
      7th of Jul, 2015
    0 Votes

    I have bought 3 atvs from budget and never had problems. My kids ride them all the time, I have tightened the chain a few times but thats normal maintenance you would expect.

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