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buckner family dental charged me 2500.00 for dentures that have broken 4 times in 2 yrs.they are no good very bad quality also very thin i have a contract with them for 5 yrs to fix any problems .they will not honor that they charged me to fix them and 2 mths later they broke again i have had so many problems with the dentures and the dr.osario.and craig allen. when i asked the recepionist craigs full name they said craig villanova i found out on tv his name is craig allen, they lied to me again. ON [protected] i went to Buckner family dental to fix my denture that had cracked, dr.osario came in and said 650.00 they will fix my denture well he also sold me on buying new denture. i have had my originals for 15 yrs.this was the only time i ever had any problem is it has crackedand it needed repaired. I told dr.Osario i dont have credit that i saved my money to get my teeth fixed, he said he will get that credit for me so he got a cumputer and did somthing and said their you are approved and i will also garrantee your dentures for 5 yrs. no matter what happens we will fix them no problem of course im exited and agreed.I thought i was getting a great deal here they are on the up and up .that same day they got theier 2500.00 plus my 650.00 on 10-23 16 pd in full. 7 days later the denture they repaired broke ahain they wanted to charge me another 600.00 but i stated i just got these repaired i shouldnt have to pay again i said since i have to pay again please cancell my dentures i ordered because i can not afford all of thatis being charged.Craig Allen came in and said we are going to fix your old ones free of charge since you are buying dentures. I should of STOPEd then but i really did think these folks where good folks helping me out with the credit thing.I dont have credit and never did untill BUckner Family dental got me on CAreCredit.I dont have bad credit but i dont have good because i never used it i allways saved my money and paid cash.ON10-31-2016 old denture repaired.on11-22-2016 bit rims for new dentures on 12-16-2016 try in on 1-24 and 1-26 2016 try ins for new dentures. on [protected] delivery of new dentures but retured not fit good same day on 4-4-2017 delivery of new dentures again.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Dallas, TX on [protected] ajustment on on10- 31- 2017 ajustment on5-15-2018- ajustment .on 7-102018 dentures broke returned for fixing.i was told i had to pay i told them i had a 5 yrs.contract they said they would fix them with no problems well they really gave me a very hard time for about a hour they had me in a room way in the back of theire office.Craig Allen said they are going to fix them this time but next timwee i had to pay i did not coment i just was happy to get my NEW teeth fixed .On 9-5-2018 the same denture broke again i go back DR>Osario and Craig Allen told me i had to pay or they will not fix my teeth so i payed again to get the dentures fixed. now on [protected] the new dentures has broken again now i have to pay again craig says .so now im really stuck im paying for teeth i cant use they keep on breaking and im toothless with broken dentures.i have asked dr.Osario for my money back and he said i can forget that he is not giving anything back except for my last payment fix the new dentures but he would only give it back if i signed a paper that i will never say anything against him or his bussniess again.well i cant do that so im writing yall in hopes yall can help get my money back 2500.00 he can have these cheaply maid dentures back i hve aved to go to another dentist and please feel free to call and ask them anything about the dentures you want they are horriably made .the dentist is Dr. lee steglich 8335 walnut hill ln, #205 Dallas Texas 75231 #[protected].i do have paper work also.I found Dr. steglich because i do not trust or want to go back to Buckner Family dental they are very rude to me and have showed me how they opperate i give them a BIG 0 all the way around the board.i filed a complaint with the BBB also and they tried to contact buckner family but they never would respond .BBB said that the company is not registered with the BBB but they have the complaint on file and that i am not the only one whom has filed complaints on this company.I learned a very hard lesson from this and that is to really research, research, research, before you commit to anything, .I do not know what else to do except write to you and ask for your help in this matter please.I would like my 2500.00 back please for these very bad dentures i will GLadly give them back.Thank you all very much for your time and concern of this situation

Nov 25, 2018

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