Buckhead Community Bankunethical behavior/ false loans

This is a community bank that is privately owned by a group of men that have no other interest than to see how they can beat you out of your money... They think they are a bunch of smart men but all they do is whatever benefits them and they buy their way out of trouble all the time. If you call them out on unethical behavior all they tell you to do is go jump off a bridge or tell you a big fat lie... No credibility and ignorance!!! Ask OJ where that gets you... It's goingto catch up with them shortly..See Top 10 Worst Companies in Atlanta, GAThey make loans to people that credit scores below 500, use guarantors on the loan that has no idea about the loan, builds on property and doesnt have a valid deed to secure their interest, wires money straight into the developers bank acount for personal use, and when they are notified the loan has gone bad, they falsifiy documents and sale it to another bank for a profit and stick the bank that bought it for millions of dollars in losses..
Now do you wonder why our system is in the situation it's in today??? ###s like these that ruin it for everybody... Then their egos get on CNN and tell everybody they are a true loyal bank... forgrt it!!! None of them are loyal... Dont be fooled.. A bunch if snakes...

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