BUCCO Canopy / Incomplete Product delivered

1 South Africa
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I bought the canopy in December through Standard Bank Vehicle finance. A fitment centre was allocated to me in Kimberley, NC Audio. The latter gave me a date on which to come for fitment. Upon arrival the canopy roof rails were not with the canopy as these are standard on the BUCCO Canopy. After some corresponcnce with SA Canopy it was agreed they would stand in for the cost to go back to Kimberley (the fitment centre). I am in Vryburg, some 210 km away from Kimberley. After the initial agreement on refunding me the cost to travel to Kimberley by the Managing Director of SA Canopies. a complete silence and non reply on correspondence is now greeting me. I even try Standard Bank (as the Title holder). they also refuse to get involved. SA Canopies received FULL payment in December 2011 already. It is now April 2012 and no reply is forthcoming accept to say i can go to "hell as we are a troublesome people"

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