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Bubble Cafe / Glass in our drinks

1 United States

My friend and I are very angry due to our experience at the Pho Bubble Cafe on Darnestown Road in Gaithersburg.

First of all, when we arrived there, the employee who was serving us was very rude to us and made us feel uncomfortable, and unwelcome. Because of his behaviour, we left the restaurant with out two mango bubble tea drinks.

As I was drinking mine, I bit on something very hard, which I thought was ice. However, when I took it out of my mouth, I realized it was glass. We immediately turned around and began walking back to the restaurant.

I kept on drinking (I do not know why), and I found another small piece of glass. We told the same employee who had served us before, and all he said was: "THIS NOT MY FAULT! PEOPLE WHO MAKE MANGO PUT IT IN!" and he offered us another drink.

Then, we asked if my friend could have another drink as well since hers could have glass in it too. However, he said that he wouldn't do that, and it probably didn't have glass since it was made separately. While he was saying this also, his tone was very rude, and he said "shhhhh!!!" to us as we were talking.

We went home, and my friend kept drinking her drink, and guess what she found? Another small piece of glass. So, we took a spoon, and went through the drink, finding a few small pieces, and a quite large one.

We were appalled. Especially because he refused to give her another drink when she had even more glass in her drink. So, we found their business card, and called their restaurant. The same employee picked up, (since there was no one else working there) and I told him that we found more glass.

He rudely replied that we caused his customers to leave, because of our complaint earlier. Then, I told him that, that large piece of glass could have easily cut up my friend’s mouth. We argued for a while, and then he hung up. I called him back, and he deliberately did not pick up the phone, as we heard slam the phone.

We would have gone back to the restaurant to show the piece of glass, but it was too dark to walk, and our parents weren't home to drive us. We are very angry at this employee for his terrible service, manners, and PUTTING GLASS IN OUR DRINK, whether or not it was his fault. We are frustrated, and would appreciate it if the word could be spread, and something could be done. Thank you!


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