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Bubbalous / Pain In My Stomach, Possible Food Poisoning

1 Apopka, FL, United States

Last night it is now the Partner and our best friend stopped at one of my favorite eateries Bubbalous for take out. They make the best bbq in town next to SmokeyBones of course! My Partner had the bbq turkey platter, as did our best friend..they got three turkey sandwiches for our five babies (4 cats and a dog) everyone got a treat last night, but me..I made the mistake of getting the bubbabuger..I will not do that again..I was nearly finished only about two bites to go when a painful cramp filled my belly just below my bellybutton..I stopped eating and suffered in silence..about 15 minutes after we cleaned up our mess the cramps got worse..I felt waterlogged and even though it was only 8pm I told my Baby let's go to bed..she agreed because she knew I felt horrible plus she gets up at 4:30am to go to work and needed the hour later the cramping got worse so I took some pepto pills and it stopped for about 2 hours then started up again..each wave of pain got worse and worse..I finally drifted off..when I woke up for the day (today) the pain had stopped though I am still somewhat queasy, but it's not as bad as it was last night (thank God) do I know it was the bubbaburger? Simple I was not sick prior to eating it. I was the only one who got sick (thank God) and I was the only one who ate a bubba burger..I will NEVER eat a bubba burger again!


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