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Bsnl Bangalore Dataone Connection / Internet connection not received!

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I have registered for a DataOne Connection on Jan 6th 2007 and was told that my connection will be available in two months. Now it is more than three months i have not yet received any connection. No one is even answering the queries.

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  • Ba
      4th of May, 2007
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    When i connect dial up, i can send mails from our netmailshare software and download attachments from yahoo, hotmail, etc.. But if i connected thru dataone broadband, i can't able to send or download any attachments. But broadband connection is stable and fast.

  • Th
      14th of May, 2007
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    You should be happy, for me from reliance one company named millions 22 received cash for installation and accepted all id proofs and documentation and informed the process will be completed in 1 week... After 1 month they informed my id proof is not valid... Till now i didn't got my money as well as no response from them.

  • Am
      24th of Jul, 2007
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    Bsnl Dataone Internet Services- - Internet does not work!

    BROADBAND INTERNET FOR 0172 2589859 NOT WORKING. I have a broad band internet connection for telephone number 0172-2589859 but for last 7 days the internet has not been working and despite numerous complaints both written and verbal no action has been taken to repair the fault.

  • Sa
      13th of Sep, 2007
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    There Is problem in the quality wise

  • As
      19th of Sep, 2007
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    am using B.S.N.L broadband 250 plan for the last one month.
    Two days back(ie.,1o/9/2007) when I checked my usage account it was around 400MB, but yesterday(13/9/2007) when I checked
    it was 1.3GB. It is not possible in my case.I simply check my mail and surf few of the sites
    I never download anything more than 30MB. Please study the following highlighted
    figures which I am confused about because the time which is given for these figures even my status bar
    (down at the right side of desktop ) never show my download more than 30MB per day.
    Kindly look into the matter because it has crossed my download limit (1GB) even when I don't go for high downloads.
    Please again update my usage account for the last two days because I am sure there is some problem in your database.
    Please reply.
    K.C. Sharma
    B.S.N.L Phone number= 0124- 2253558
    mailing address= 813,Sector-5,Gurgaon.

    [2007-09]Service Records
    Service:All Services Domain:All Domains

    Total Send Volume(GB) Total Receive Volume(GB) Total Volume(GB) Total Duration(hour) Sum Traffic Excluding Night Unlimited(GB)
    0.375 1.004 1.379 60.7 1.379

    [Next Page] [Last Page] Goto Page: 1234 Page 1 / 4 Total 76Records

    Service Name Start Time Stop Time Send[KB] Receive[KB] Total[KB] Duration[second] Traffic(KB)

    Startup Plan,downloadspeed Upto 2 Mbps 2007/09/13 20:39:26 2007/09/13 20:50:18 291 904 1195 652 1195
    Startup Plan,downloadspeed Upto 2 Mbps 2007/09/13 18:53:51 2007/09/13 19:26:05 613 2959 3572 1934 3572
    Startup Plan,downloadspeed Upto 2 Mbps 2007/09/13 17:26:18 2007/09/13 18:52:18 900 3532 4432 5160 4432
    Startup Plan,downloadspeed Upto 2 Mbps 2007/09/13 07:56:57 2007/09/13 07:58:05 28 141 169 68 169
    Startup Plan,downloadspeed Upto 2 Mbps 2007/09/12 22:15:21 2007/09/12 22:45:02 126 1047 1173 1781 1173
    Startup Plan,downloadspeed Upto 2 Mbps 2007/09/12 19:46:43 2007/09/12 19:52:50 37 341 378 367 378
    Startup Plan,downloadspeed Upto 2 Mbps 2007/09/12 18:58:04 2007/09/12 19:07:59 115 1039 1154 595 1154
    Startup Plan,downloadspeed Upto 2 Mbps 2007/09/12 18:09:00 2007/09/12 18:47:57 6911 10238 17149 2337 17149
    Startup Plan,downloadspeed Upto 2 Mbps 2007/09/12 17:19:50 2007/09/12 18:08:55 67370 85267 152637 2945 152637
    Startup Plan,downloadspeed Upto 2 Mbps 2007/09/12 14:31:28 2007/09/12 14:54:15 20309 31506 51815 1367 51815
    Startup Plan,downloadspeed Upto 2 Mbps 2007/09/12 13:11:12 2007/09/12 14:12:20 107417 198985 306402 3668 306402
    Startup Plan,downloadspeed Upto 2 Mbps 2007/09/11 20:10:28 2007/09/11 21:26:02 107922 349339 457261 4534 457261
    Startup Plan,downloadspeed Upto 2 Mbps 2007/09/11 19:28:51 2007/09/11 19:32:44 119 760 879 233 879
    Startup Plan,downloadspeed Upto 2 Mbps 2007/09/11 18:55:40 2007/09/11 19:26:10 1052 4658 5710 1830 5710
    Startup Plan,downloadspeed Upto 2 Mbps 2007/09/11 17:42:09 2007/09/11 17:45:45 77 455 532 216 532
    Startup Plan,downloadspeed Upto 2 Mbps 2007/09/11 16:53:48 2007/09/11 17:30:43 1680 13826 15506 2215 15506
    Startup Plan,downloadspeed Upto 2 Mbps 2007/09/11 13:55:21 2007/09/11 15:03:58 2179 18076 20255 4117 20255
    Startup Plan,downloadspeed Upto 2 Mbps 2007/09/11 12:52:12 2007/09/11 13:55:12 1976 8419 10395 3780 10395
    Startup Plan,downloadspeed Upto 2 Mbps 2007/09/11 10:11:33 2007/09/11 10:44:23 508 1799 2307 1970 2307
    Startup Plan,downloadspeed Upto 2 Mbps 2007/09/10 20:29:40 2007/09/10 21:17:04 1581 6292 7873 2844 7873

  • Sh
      19th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    I've applied for broadband long time before and no body except a confirmation call reached us...

  • Ra
      16th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    If dsl and internet lights are not on the modem then what is the problem. Is it because of the server problem or connection with pc problem? Please let me know!

  • As
      11th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    I have a broadband connection but my usage account is not opened yet. It is very difficult to find how much mb I have already used in this month.

  • St
      28th of Feb, 2008
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    Dear Sir,

    I connection broadband 2 months is over, I comp lands Many time cal center there no response
    Some times is giving wrong number, if reigns also no bead picking, there phone is such type service providing public

    I need usage my Broad Band account & I need mail id & password.

    S. Thu;asi das

  • Am
      27th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes


    I stay in USA. my familiy is in Dehradun, India. My father has taken BSNL Data Once broadband connection. But it is not working from Day 1. We called customer care atleast 25 times. They just say we will send some person. No one shows up. This is the worst service. Looks like BSNL is still living in Govt. world. I mean they dont bother about customer issues.
    Our internet is not working it has been 1 month and we have received bill in India for internet.

    DONT Take BSNL Broadband.

    Go for private like Airtel, Reliance etc.

    Amit Kamboj

  • Ch
      31st of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    sir i am using a dataone Broadband conotions for last 4 monts still now. last 3 months its work well and super. now a days i have a problems. i told my exchange vpy and main exchange and comibtore also. all thing is right ip adress and ADSL link also good but 687 errore report is show. my exchange JE also come to my office and see the problems. so pls ready my net conotion qick. i have a problems last 20 days so pls help me.

    land line : 0421-2212873
    cell : 09994832165

    thanks reg

  • Pr
      15th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    sir with due respect i beg to state that i have a data one connection since aug 2007. But now i came to know that dataone connection comes along with an email id which i didn't get loggin id and password not working and shows invalid user name or password.please provide me my email id and password

    with reg
    pramod nanda

  • In
      21st of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have a BSNL dataone broadband connection since 2005 when they lunched in Bangalore. It was the best service that I can ever get at least till things turned bad when I shifted to a nearby suburbs. Now not only that the broadband does not work, you pay additional bills of 3000 Rs monthly due to additional usage than my stipulated download limit. Is there any way that we can complaint in the consumer court not because of the downtime, but because of the additional charges they charge due to their faulty meters.

    kindly advice

  • Pa
      22nd of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    is Night Unlimited surfing valid for Home 250 downloadspeed Upto 2 Mbps

  • Su
      23rd of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    I am residing in shimla (h.P)
    Ihave dataone250 plan
    When I log on to view my account details I get an invalid username or password message.
    THis cannot be possible as I connect my internet though the same details.

    So, please some one tell me about the problem by mailing to

  • Ka
      9th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    sir iam resisding in the tuticorin district..sir i have found my id is not workig, they je did know how to operate internet.i ask him .home plan250 is unlimited package he says yes.but i call the customer care and ask him.its is not unlimited plesae check my id

  • Ra
      12th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    The BSNL customer care is very very bad.I think the worst service provider in telecom sector. The customer care peoples are totally nonscence. They don't know what is there job and how to deal with the customers.
    I am a broadband customer and Since last 3 months I am not able connect to my office VPN, and raising arround 20 complaints, but they are not responding. If you ask the customer care, then different people describes different stories and will drop the call inbetween.

  • Ja
      20th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    i am using bsnl 250 broadband plan, i checked my usage before two days (18.07.2008) it shows 591MB. but today(21.07.2008) i checked my usage, it shows the same usage 591MB and also the same date which showed me on before two days (18.07.2008).. please any one one tell me proper reason

  • Na
      21st of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have broadband connection at my residence, my resi.Ph 080 25270293.
    this connection recently developed a problem of data not sinking. can your office will help me correcting this problem at the earliest.
    nargunan/c Ph.9448621817

  • Si
      21st of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I had applied for a new BSNL broadband connection through SAI promoter since 7th of may 2008, bangalore, but till now i am not able to get the connection...very bad. I think my initial deposit lost..

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