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On the 30th of April 2017 i have logged onto ABSA online banking via my pc.
I tried to pay 2 benafiseries and got a soap float error. I have tried again on the pc and got the same error. I felt that maybe for some reason the transactions was not secure and that a 3rd party could have hacked the transaction.
After i have tried twice to pay 2 benafiseries with pc logon i then moved to online banking with my android phone.
Upon trying once to pay 2 benafiseries i got a time run out error, so i tried it again. Same error.
Then i logged off and called ABSA online banking and explained what has happend.
Both the last two transactions did go of as payment and i have asked them to reverse the last transaction.

Today on the 1st of May still the money has not reflect back into my account. I know that is not my fault and why should it take so long to reverse any transactions?

Please contact me urgently


Benjamin Botha

May 01, 2017

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