Bryant II Leather Reclining Sofa / Low quality furniture

1 3380 Southwestern Boulevard, Orchard Park, NY, United States
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Phone: 716-675-5970

I purchased the Bryant II Reclining Sofa from the Orchard Park location. It is listed as "Leather Match" which at the time of sale (2yrs ago-late 2012) I was told it was all leather seats, except the back and sides which is matched vinyl. Recently this passed June 2014 I noticed the fabric on the seats cracking and peeling off the back fabric which is a characteristic of cheap vinyl (on ALL the seams of the seats of the couch) AND the leather seam on the seat of the stitching is coming undone (think ripping like a perforated piece of paper thanks to crappy leather and the stitching being the perforated bits) and slowly ripping apart (only a matter of time until it happens to the rest of it). A $1, 200 couch should last *WAY* longer than two years, with gentle use. Long story short, I had to call the BBB and file a complaint in regards to them lying to me when I purchased the couch, that the seats are leather when they 100% are not. They (R&F) sent out a "technician" to take photos of the damage and in conclusion they states the damage can't be repaired (duh, I told them it's a defect and the couch was sold to me under false pretenses) and that since it's passed the manufacturer warranty AND my Platinum coverage, there is nothing they can do. The BBB considered that Raymour & Flanigan to be in good faith sending a technician out and waiving the service fee. I am *STILL* stuck with a less than 2yr old "leather" couch and they got away with scamming $1, 200 out of me and there is really nothing else I can do except keep posting the facts and keep pestering the BBB to help me out ( I am going to keep re-opening this case until they are sick of me and something is done about these scam artists). DO NOT BUY FROM RAYMOUR & FLANIGAN!!! *I included 3 photos, the smaller hole is where the leather is literally separating from the seam's stitching and the second larger tear is showing the vinyl peeling off it's backing of white mesh fabric, which is *not* leather, it's happening to all the seams on the seats. The pic with small little white cracks is actually the vinyl beginning to crack and peel along seams* I DEMAND JUSTICE FOR THESE SCAMMERS!

Bryant II Leather Reclining Sofa
Bryant II Leather Reclining Sofa
Bryant II Leather Reclining Sofa

Jul 30, 2014

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