Brusko A Margerydid not return security deposit

Margery Brusko 826 Bolivar Street the village’s lady lake FL 32159 rented via
The landlord Margery Brusko would not return our security deposit ($500) on the basis that she had to do excessive cleaning, items purchased that were destroyed, damage to dining room table and cuts to vinyl flooring. This landlord scammed us, we had proof in photos that the place was dirty when moved in, and we left the place as we found it, the vinyl flooring was dire condition, no damage to the dining room table. We asked for proof, we got after 5 weeks moving out, pics of cuts in the vinyl and pics of the coffee table with glass marks on of which in week 2 of moving in, I gave Mrs Brusko a letter stating damage to the coffee table and other problems that were not done by us.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Lady Lake, FL We already paid this scam landlord $50 towards the cleaning, and this scam landlord claimed it took 4 hours to clean the place, after we already vacuumed, swept the floor and washed the linen before we left. The cuts were probably made by her cleaning tools and the flooring is a cheap vinyl which easily marks and cuts, this was down to wear and tear, and our photos prove what a state her vinyl flooring is in. this landlord also charged us for items she purchased that were destroyed, she would not give us any proof of these items, just they were a bathroom rug. She also accused of us stealing an item, but we told her we moved it into the 2nd bedroom which she eventually found. This landlord was rude, bad tempered and swore several times on telephone conversations.
Do not rent from this scam landlord.

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