Brown FL D7 183 /D7 214 Ref PIGS2B / Incompetence

1 brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Using this page as unable to submit formal compaint as i have no mobile contact. Helpful staff at customer service said just make up a number as it's not used anyway!!! It's a mandatory requirement so why if not used. Compounds their lack of compassion and communication skills
We arrived cmb on 1st feb to return to australia connecting at kul for mel along with 100 people and no departure on the board or personel to advise. Finally found staff hiding in an office away from security. Not interested to assist or give any reason for delay as apparently we had been sent emails 48 hours prior. Not many received these. Eventually flight left 5 hours late which made for an extremely tight connection in kul. We had asked staff at cmb if we could be put in the front of the plane for priority exit at kul [with 60 other people] an escort across the airport to our waiting flights - ours would only have been delayed by 15 mins but insted our luggage was only to go as far as kul so ground staff useless. Meanwhile no food / fluid vouchers offered.
Staff on plane had no idea, or at least pretended not to, and we were told to go to their office and be sorted out. What a disaster with 60 of us in a holding pen, and staff totally incompetent and lies all the time eg hotels not answering their phones, hotels haven't rooms ready, bus not organised and so forth. At 2am we were given a 10ringgets mcdonalds voucher - totally inadequate as none of us had the local currency. Duly taken to get our bags which were still on carasol 5 hours later with no security watching them. Ourside and had to wait for bus which stayed at airport for further 20minutes as airasia staff had to find the cash to give driver before he left the airport. Arrived at hotel 0420 to another shambles as manager tried to copy 60 passports and boarding passes before we were given our rooms. Aston hotel was substandard and a disgrace to airasia for putting us there. Dirty, mouldy, stinking of cigarettesmoke. Tatty curtains and holes in the linen. Breakfast inedible. Up again 4 hours to airport and again incompetent and disinterested staff who were unaware of our plight and couln't understand how we had boarding passes. Tired and hungry we had to argue to at least be given a meal and drinks on the plane only to be told by crew that we were not entitled to even a bottle of water or cup of tea. Seems ground crew hadn't informed flying crew even though our ticket stated food. We were given 1 small water and 1 cup of tea on a 10 hour flight. Then arriving at mel at 12mn we had to wait for an hour for our bags to be off loaded. Surely after a 16 hour delay with their being the cause our bags could have at least been given priority. Oh no just another of your lack of communication and hopefully another nail in your coffin. Staff were not interested in the fact that we had an overnight stay in mel as we had missed our domestic connection airasia you are the pits and i'm making sure a lot of potential clients know our frustration and the incompetence of your staff. I have some suggestions on how you may be able to improve your imagine. 1]train your staff in customer service and listen to what your clients suggest. Be honest. Offer at least water when in holding pen.
You had 48 hours notice[so those whe received email said] so you had more than adequate time to prepare for our delay and not have the total debarcle in kul. All done on tne cheap and thank goodness other budget airlines perform better under such situations. I'm ensuring that as many people, internet sites are warned of your incompetence and will look at other airlines for better and safer travel. If the rumour is true that you were refused entry into india airspace because your paperwork was incomplete this is cause for concern. Other airlines were flying into india air space while we waited
Thanks airasia and lesson learnt id don't fly with you. Our 1st and our last

Feb 8, 2015

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