[Resolved] Broward Health Medical Centerunethical behaviour (violation of privacy)

I am filing a complaint because an employee (Junite Dorcius) of the Broward Health network who seems to have access to patients medical records feels as if she may use it as ammunition to attempt to embarrass and humiliate me publicly. I do not know her in person but I work in the same place as her husband. He is the one who told me where she works and why she has access to my personal information. As a threat today to prove to me that she has all my information and will display it publicly, she inboxed me with the countless amount of profanity, my full name, and address.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Pompano Beach, FL in addition to exposing my information publicly, she accused me of having diseases which she claims she can prove on my medical records and will make public. I have been body shamed and humiliated because such a vengeful person has access to my personal information. if its that simple for employees to use patient information to publicly humiliate them something is not right. Junite Dorcius' husband Luxon Moise admit to me that she has been accessing my families files to gain personal information on me. This is not an ethical person who should have access to patients information.

  • Resolution statement

    I would like to remove complaint about the privacy of parties involved. e.g personal information. I expected this complaint to have been sent via email, not for public display. I am unable to edit and correct this matter.

Nov 25, 2018

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