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I visited the website of the company broplay. I signed up for them and paid about $10 for the membership. It was mentioned that the website provided different movies and tv shows for free. But it was lie. The website worked really slowly and i couldn’t watch movies here. I wanted to ask for refund, and suddenly i noticed unauthorized charge from this company. They took about $17 and i have no idea for what. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Can you provide any good piece of advice?

Mar 1, 2014
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  • Jo
      20th of Mar, 2014

    Apparently when you sign up fro Broplay, they charge you monthly for using their services. It says so in their Terms Of Service. Also, once the money has been charged, the TOS also says it won't be refunded.

    "To cancel your monthly package simply call toll-free at 1-877-717-3330 for US and Canada or 1-302-722-4042 for international, 7 days a week from 0AM to 12PM. When you cancel, you will be required to provide Fang Media LLC with certain information regarding your reason for cancellation. There are no refunds for any time period (or portions thereof) already billed or paid for." -Their TOS

    I suggest you call your credit card company, and try to dispute the charges. And cancel your Broplay membership if you don't won't to get charged again. They seem very fraudulent in their practices. Too many hidden fees you don't know about, unless you bother to go through their TOS, when most people don't. And even in the TOS, they don't tell you how much the monthly fee is. A reputable business has all their fees out in the open, not hidden among paragraphs, or just not mentioned at all.

    Advice: Remember to read the TOS whenever you sign up for a site, especially one that asks for personal info or credit cards. If the terms sound sketchy, don't give them your info. Unfortunately, not all businesses are trustworthy, so this is something you should get in the habit of doing. (their TOS) (call them to cancel; I believe cancelling online has a $0.99 fee)

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  • Ma
      4th of Oct, 2014

    I would like to know how to delete my account

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  • Bo
      19th of Oct, 2014

    I would like to advise the public that there is something very fishy going on here. Websites name,, . Go to each one and tell me if you noticing anything different. Someone is behind all of it. Let me tell you my story and you will know its fraud/scam. So I was in search of a certain movie on the internet took me to a website would not let me stream the video in the embedded media player unless I signed up for a free membership. It clearly said free. So I clicked it and took me off the webpage to a secret page said Free membership ask for my name and stuff the fishy part that I regret asked for my bank card info to verify who I am and specifically said for that purpose only and I will not be charged. So I thought ok click next and the next screen said I signed up into a 5 day trial once 5 days was up I'll be charged $35. Only way to cancel was to pay 99 cents + 1 penny if still trial $1 no way around it. I tried to contact them by email never replied phone # is a hoax. So now they have me by the balls someone is getting money from my account no matter what and I have just been lied to not only about I will not be charged my card was used to verify who I am. "### fraud ., but the webpage didn't have the movie I was looking for. In fact everything on the webpage is fake and meant to look genuine so it looks like there charging you for legit services. Why isn't / FBI shutting these sites down. There's 3rd party sites advertising they have material or content you want saying sign up free to get it they get you into the screen say your card will not be charged and once u click that continue button there raking in the money. There is prob 1000's of victims out there who are paying money to these guys for a cancel fee? Says you can do it for free but that's bogus. Oh get this on the express cancel form on their page it says by filling this out you agree to be charged $1. Guess what I researched got there email and emailed them and said I will not fill out your form you are not authorize to take my money and you will cancel this for free. Next day they took their $1 out of my bank account. I didn't fill that form out saying they could called my bank told them the story made a claim had my account info changed and got refunded my $1. You can report these scammers at found then in the website internet crime.

    Hope people are aware like I said Booplay, broplay, playboo ect . and these wacky 3rd party sites refer you to them and hook line and sinker you really want something find out they really don't have it. And they have your money. Call ur bank report fraud report them as internet crime let's stop them.

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  • Gr
      30th of Dec, 2014

    We are a retired couple, husband found this site looking for old movies. He believed the
    propaganda of the "free movies" however they charged $1.00 and now they have replaced the $1.00 with a $34.95 charge. Have cancelled our card but it will not prevent them from getting the money out of our account.

    I intend to report this to every agent I possibly can, including FBI.

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  • Bi
      31st of Jan, 2015

    Total Fraud! I was charged a $1.00 fee for the "free trial." My credit card company notified me immediately of a possible fraudulent charge and I immediately called them and cancelled. I asked specifically if I would be charged the $34.95 in 5 days and they told me I would not. well, guess what? I WAS charged the $34.95 on my next bill and their website says they will not refund any charges. I called and calmly explained that I would NOT pay the $34.95 and I would dispute the charges. they tried to say that if I didn't have a confirmation email then I didn't really cancel it. I repeated that I would NOT pay the $34.95 and I would dispute the charge through my credit card company. I did not want this membership and never used it. They finally agreed to credit the charges and sent me an email confirmation. Funny thing was they told me not to contact my bank as that would "delay the refund?" Hmmm I wonder why they don't want you to contact your bank and dispute? TOTAL SCAM! I could hear background noise of a call center with other operators arguing with customers in the background.

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