Brooklyn motor Inn / Bed Bugs

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Phone: (718) 875-2500 ‎

On July 4th in the evening, as I was laying in room 314 of this hotel, I felt my back itching. When I got up to check it out, I saw a bug crawling. After a few inspection, I noticed there were bed bugs on the pillow. I then lifted up the sheets and found two more crawling towards the headboard. I called the receptionist at the hotel and asked him to come up and look. Instead he offered me another room. Why would I stay in another room that may be infested also? Anyways I asked to be refunded for the night but they said I needed to talk to the booking agent. I called Priceline and they said they would have them refund me my money. I ended up checking out with my friend around 11pm while our checkout was not until 12pm that following Tuesday. On the following day, I called asking to speak to the manager and he said i could not be refunded because I checked out at 11pm. I checked out 12hrs before my checkout time. I was not asking for a full refund just a portion. They insisted that there was no bed bugs there but there were flies. Why are there flies everywhere in the room? I insisted on my refund but they refused. Priceline then sent an email stating that the hotel inspected the area and found no bugs so I could not be refunded. The staff at Brooklyn Motor inn was very disrespectful and did not even offer an apology of any sort. Stay away from this hotel. I should have known it was a bad deal.

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