Brookes and CoThe fountains, davenport, florida

Beware of Brookes and Co. In 2015, Brookes and Co marketed properties at The fountains, Champions Gate, Davenport, Florida, with 3 bed prices at £189K with a deposit of £46k, with a promise of available mortgages of 75% LTV at 4.2%. My wife and I purchased a 3 bed unit, but when it was time to obtain the mortgage, Brookes and Co failed to produce, stating that such mortgages were difficult to obtain.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Davenport, FL We later found out that such mortgages are only available for residential properties and not holiday rentals. We completed the purchase with our own funds after Brookes and Co informed us that failure to proceed would result in the loss of our deposit. Properties at The Fountains have prove difficult to sell and the rental income has been abysmal, despite Brooks and Co reassurance that rental income would average $1800US a month. (Alternative facts) Anyone else having problems with property at The Fountains? Now seeking legal advice for misrepresentation by Brookes and Co.

Feb 04, 2017

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