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Bromalite Call Their Legal Rep to get a refund - It WORKS - James Belshe at 801-533-9800 / Send multiple Products, make it impossible to cancel, products don't work

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Bromalite Bromalite - Good Phone # To Get Your Money Back: [protected]

It seems thousands of us have been scammed by the Bromalite company. Calling their phone # doesnt work -- it's either disconnected, busy, or you have to wait for hours. Just stall tactics.

I have recently found out through friends that the best way to get their attention is to contact their legal council.

They have scammed thousands of people over, and enough is enough!!!

Their attorney's name is JAMES BELSHE. He is the only way to get through to them to get your money back.

You can reach him at: [protected]

Demand to speak to him.

Demand his client refund your money.

Tell him how you were scammed by his client.

Tell him how THOUSANDS of others have been scammed.

Tell him how you're going to do everything you can to pursue criminal charges if they dont refund you (this works in getting them to forward your info for a refund).

And if they tell you that their terms and conditions are on their site and that you just didn't look hard enough, tell them that the way they display those terms are in violation of FTC standards.

The testimonials are fake (False advertising).

The claims made are fake (false advertising.)

The images they use to depict weight loss are fake (from stock footage)... false advertising.

They care crooks! Enough is enough.

We now have their attorney's number. If you are fed up with all of this, it's time for us to do something. We've all tried being nice and contacting the nunber THEY want you to call to cancel, which takes you to some worker in India that doesn't care about you.

Call [protected] and demand their client, DRI, AKA FItFactory, AKA Bromalite, AKA Purity 12, AKA (a million Acai offers) refund your money.

Post this number in other Bromalite complaint sites so that we can spread the word. If we bug their attorney's enough, perhaps they will change how they do business.

The same company that owns Bromalite also owns Purity 12 and a ton of other products that scam people. So if you were scammed by Purity 12, you can call the same number. [protected] Workman/Nydegger Firm Contact: james Belshe ... They represent the crooks at Bromalite.

Call today and get your money back. Don't let them push you around. Get tough. And remember, what their clients are doing is CRIMINAL.

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