Broken Sound ProductionsBroken Sound Productions- Breach Of Contract


We were contacted by Broken Sound Productions in June of 2008 to do a taping for a feature presentation on Weekend Makeover. Involved parties from BSP were Brian Cregar and Larry and Eric Warm. A gentleman who presented himself as Larry Warm visited our location and did extensive filming of our manufacturing facilities as well as numerous interviews and installations. He was very polite and trust me, we made him work for it the whole time he was here. However that is where the professionalism stopped. Once filming was done we waited weeks and weeks for any additional feedback, scripting, editing., etc.. Then all of a sudden a you-tube video was posted- which I have to admit was done well and we have used as a sales tool. As it has been well over a year we are not expecting an airing anymore but have made countless efforts to the company simply to receive our raw footage so that we could use for it for other projects. In addition we have requested the video to also use in other projects. Thanks to the other postings to this site I was able to locate the company again after a 3 month "disappearance" and have again attempted to make contact. Unfortunately Larry is always in a meeting when I call. Again, we simply want our footage and are not asking for anything more, even though there has been a breach in contract, I guess I will just keep on trying!

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