Broken Creek Ranch / Criminal

1 1108 McReynolds Road, Gallatin Gateway, MT, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (406)763-4141

Former owner of Whispering Wind Productions--Matthew Cody McClintock--has started using the business name Broken Creek Ranch. He is using the name Cody McClintock/Willis--depending on the day. He is a convicted felon with a history of scamming people across the country--mainly women, the disabled, and the elderly.

If you have been victimized by this individual--google the above information to find out more about him. If you know the woman he is living with--warn her! I exposed him on this site and on [redacted] and he has responded by threatening me and slandering me to no end. This man is under investigation by the FBI and the Gallatin County Sheriffs Department. There is a warrant for his arrest in Grady County Ok--he owes over 1/2 million in restitution to one woman alone!!!

I will continue to warn people about him until his activities catch up with him and he is put back in prison--where he belongs. If you wish to talk to me--click on the email link on this posting as I am more than willing to talk about this and help you in anyway I can. I have received more than 40 emails and calls about this man over the past few months and the things he has done are vile and disgusting.


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