Broadview NetworksBad Choice! Do not use for telephone service!

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1. Signed up for service through a telemarketing call that was received in house.
2. Rates quoted and actual rates charged were different.
3. Never informed of the early termination fee that is close to $300.00 until we tried to cancel service.
4. Billing issues led to Broadview Networks immediately prohibiting the telephone usage resulting in lost company sales and revenue.
5. After contacting the customer service and resolving the billing issue the service was still not reactived and the company is now on the seventh day without phone service.


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  • Do
      Dec 30, 2009

    Funny. I read the reports on every carrier and every complaint with every voice and data provider are basically the same. Whats funny is when you order a T1 from US LEC or Broadview or Cavilier or Qwest on the East Coast the facilities take the same route to your business. If your lines drop, Verizon is at fault 90% of the time regardless of who your carrier is as they own 100% of the copper between the last Central Office and your business. These copper lines are why services drop. Copper degrades, so your internet gets slower until it finally drops due to an open or a short in the copper on the last 5 miles of the circuit. So if you think changing providers is going to improve service, you're wrong 90% of the time! And everyone complains about customer service, trying calling Verizon in a major city.

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  • Lo
      Jul 14, 2010

    I have just switched over to Broadview Network. BIG MISTAKE. It has been a nightmare. There customers "service" is bloody DREADFUL. It's been a couple of months and they still haven't switched my 800 line. I've made at least 20 calls, still no results. Save yourself some big time aggravation. No one over there knows what they are doing. No one cares. These guys are the worst!!!
    I finally called headquarters and asked for the CEO a Mr. Michael Robinson. The phone rang for a minute and nobody picked up. The fish rots from the head down.

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  • Cd
      Nov 08, 2010

    I have been with Broadview for a number of years and as long as you do not require any customer service you are OK. I have recently made changes to my service in order to save our company some money. In dealing with their customer service department - one hand does not know what the other is doing. I have been on the phone with them for 5 days trying to stay a customer and straighten out my billing and service with them. Today I got a call from one department saying all my service has been ported away so then I call to cancel the account as I was done with them only to find out in this other department showed all my lines as active with them! I am so done with Broadview as a company, each time you speak to someone they don't Hear you - they are reading from a script and if you interrupt them they will go back to the place in the script where you interrupted and begin very frustrating! So many other options out there DO NOT DEAL with them if you do not have to!

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  • Th
      Jun 07, 2011

    I had to deal with a "Total Solutions Manager" named Tina Brown and it was about as unprofessional as anyone can get. Number one she came to my office after lunch and she smelled like booze and cigarettes which almost made me vomit, then since she knew she was wrong she kept trying to flirt with me. She was the worst sales person ever and her language was ghetto fabulous. I made sure that I went with another provider. I will tell everyone I know how bad the company is due to hiring and retaining employees like Tina Brown out of the Quincy office. If she didn't work there I might consider them for my business, but showing up half in the wrapper and slurring her words was unacceptable and I was not about to do business with Broadview because of Tina Brown.

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  • Sp
      Jul 12, 2011

    I have know Tina Brown for a long time and her customers love her, she is extremely professional and dedicated to her job, as to the individual who posted this ugly comment, I suggest you provide your company name and or speak of the facts and not speculation. It is very interesting that you are so familiar with TSM acronyms, as if you may know her more then a potential customer. If you had any back bone you should say such awful things to her face and not hide behind this web site. You are a sorry human being, who clearly has no life.

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  • Ca
      Jul 13, 2011

    Thomas617 needs to come clean...ghetto fabulous is not a word any business person would use. Sounds like this is personal and not at all related to her professional skills. You should delete/redact/apologize for this post. I can personally vouch for the job she does with her customers. Comments like yours are exactly why these complaint boards are useless, unless you are looking for a libel lawsuit.

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  • Pa
      Jul 14, 2014

    Agreed, Broadview is awful. They signed up a client of mine and were fleecing them for more than twice what they should have been paying. When we asked them for information about the account they were non-responsive and jerked us around left and right. When the client finally moved off of them and tried to cancel they tried some really lousy retention tactics like hiding behind an auto-renew which they themselves told the client could not be enforced in NY. They have been harassing this client with scare tactics and cheap stunts ever since. Mind you, the client has not signed anything with them in SIX YEARS. Dealt with a reseller named Feliks Kilski who owns a company named Glacier Communicaitons and the Broaview guy that manages him is some guy named Brian Klein. Brian is a pro at retention tactics and is doing everything he can to scare this client into coming back.

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  • Re
      Dec 23, 2015

    a simple install takes 4 months and still not right the ignorance of there project managers almost put me out of business .there quote is no were near the final price be a smart business person stay AWAY

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